2424 - Die Thermodyn-Zentrale
The Thermodyne Center
Hubert Haensel

Something is happening in Camp INTAZO: the superintelligences allied with ARCHETIM appear, a big fleet pushes ahead into Tare Scharm, and some Traitanks crushed by the Sekundims are brought into the hypercocoon for closer examination. Perry Rhodan receives permission from the Bakosh'wish to also have a look at the wrecks. Therefore, with a small team including the always unbearable Curcaryen Varantir, Rhodan proceeds to Modular Dock ANC 88. There he has the feeling of being observed. Gucky teleports with him and his companions onto a Traitank wreck where they discover indications to the fact that up to a short time two living beings must have been hidden there, which had fled via transmitter. When Gucky telekinetically checks out the transmitter, he activates a self-destruct mechanism, which finally destroys the wreck. Before this though, Rhodan and his companions flee through the transmitter, so that they reach the same destination as the two unknown people: an assembly platform on which the strangers have evidently bunkered weapons from the Terminal Column. Rhodan’s next destination is the nearby Thermodyne Center SIAH.

There the Thermodyne Engineer Abanathan Seg Dathuel, a being whose race, the Ahomelech, has already worked since primeval times in the service of the Cosmocrats. The Thermodyne Engineers are brilliant technical engineers who can perceive their nearby surroundings by acoustical waves and thereby virtually "look inside" technical devices. Dathuel makes the acquaintance of these strangers whose trail Rhodan has taken up: a Terminal Herald and a being that sits in a bearer robot that have penetrated the hypercocoon and killed all the Tefta-Ragas working in the Thermodyne Center. The Terminal Herald mentally enslaves Dathuel and forces him to put into operation the Variable Field Thermodyne-Multiplexer. This most important generator of the Thermodyne Center is to perforate the hypercocoon - in the same way the suns were brought into INTAZO approximately one thousand thirty years ago - so that TRAITOR can attack the INTAZO.

Rhodan and his companions reach the Thermodyne Center in a transport capsule. The Terran Resident is horrified to find Ekatus Atimoss there. Now he knows who has been observing him and made the assassination attempt on him. Rhodan recognizes immediately what is going on and attacks. However, Ekatus Atimoss and the Terminal Herald manage to escape. Rhodan can do nothing about this, and he can also not help the lethally injured Thermodyne Engineer. With his last bit of mental force Dathuel ensures that the SIAH destroys itself, before the already booted up Multiplexer can tear the INTAZO’S shell. Dathuel dies, but Rhodan and his companions are able to flee in the transport capsule. Kamuko’s flagship picks them up from out of space. Once again the suspicion falls on the Galactics, but with the recordings from their SERUNS Rhodan is able to explain to the Prinzipa what really happened. She recognizes that she once again owes the Galactics thanks. Now it is clear: the supposedly so safe hypercocoon INTAZO has been infiltrated by the enemy.

jerry schneiderman 2008-09-17

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