2423 - Berserker in Not
Berserkers in Distress
Arndt Ellmer

On General Kamuko’s instruction the JULES VERNE flies to a modular dock of the Bakosh'wish, a large space station, which circles around one of the suns of the INTAZO. There a naval force returns from Tare Scharm through the GATE. The ships are in disarray and have suffered massive damage from an encounter with an Entropic cyclone. One of the ships is a unit of the To s'amosa, which takes a direct course on the modular dock and threatens to blow up. Perry Rhodan swiftly decides to start a rescue operation, although that represents an offence against Kamuko’s instructions. The Galactics evacuate most of the To s'amosa, although they inexplicably and forcibly attempt to attack their rescuers. The rescue operation is further complicated by the fact that the To s'amosa are amphibious beings, which resemble more than two meter tall sea horses. Many areas of their ship are therefore flooded with water.

The Prinzipa is not pleased about Rhodan’s action and arranges a renewed examination of the JULES VERNE, because the To s'amosa ship (exploded shortly after the evacuation mission) could have been brought under the control of hostile agents. In addition the freedom of movement of the barbell ship is continued to be limited, so that their mission goal of observing the Retroversion is endangered. After the heads of the modular dock pay a visit to the JULES VERNE, the To s'amosas thank them for their rescue and supply an explanation for their resistance to rescue. This race, once the favored people of ELEDAIN, only has a few hundred thousand still alive. They are a completely peaceful people. In order to be able to avenge themselves despite their peacefulness for the destruction of their homeland by TRAITOR, they implanted themselves with devices in their brains by which they become berserker like fighters. These devices began to misfire under the influence of the Entropic cyclone, so the crewmembers went out of control.

Later on, Rhodan and some of his companions look around the modular dock. They learn that ARCHETIM’S goal consists of destroying as many proto-chaotic cells as possible, before these can develop themselves further into full chaotic cells and connect into a network. Rhodan receives a message, with which he is lured into an ambush: To s'amosa’s in berserker mode attack them. The Terran and his companions, who are eventually supported by some Bakosh'wishs, are forced to kill the attackers. Rhodan believes to feel a strange presence in the area. He finds evidence that someone must have been observing the attack. The Terran it is certain that the unknown person must have manipulated the drivers of the To s'amosa, and that the attack was meant specifically for him. The question is, who the unknown manipulator could be, because the Lanterns are convinced to not have allowed any negatively inclined being into the INTAZO. The Galactics assume the foreigner must have technology, which are at least at the level of development of Cosmocrat technology, to be able to be doing all this. All they can do is wait for what will happen next…

jerry schneiderman 2008-09-09

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