2422 - Das verlöschende Volk
The Dying People
Arndt Ellmer

After the passage through the Situation transmitter the JULES VERNE comes out in the INTAZO, a hypercocoon inside the Aquon-Gorissa star cluster of approximately two and a half light years length and approximately 0.8 light years diameter. The materialization zone is protected by large space forts, and the JULES VERNE is ordered to stop in order to be checked by the Conscience Guards.

The Conscience Guards turn out to be bodiless spirit beings which question individual crewmembers, beginning with Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond, after the reason and motive for their presence. Kamuko, the Prinzipa of ARCHETIM’S armed forces, vouches for the Galactics, so that they can fly on. The destination ANC 110, the modular dock of the Bakosh'wish, lies in the centre of the INTAZO.

Alaska Saedelaere and, most of all, his Cappin fragment excites the special interest of the Conscience Guards. They transport him to a LAW Giver, and the gathered Conscience Guards report their history to him.

While the Sekundima are virtually the children of the superintelligence ELEDAIN, the Lanterns functioning as the Conscience Guards were virtually the action bodies released again before her death. The Lanterns are only able to live in the INTAZO, the living space and the burial place of ELEDAIN and their number has sunk from eight thousand at the beginning to approximately two thousand five hundred. Soon after the death of ELEDAIN, ARCHETIM appeared to make the INTAZO his base for the battle against the Negasphere. The Thermodyne engineers stationed massive watch forts in the INTAZO and stabilized the hypersphere by stationing eight donor suns inside. Several LAW Givers produced a stationary hyper-rip, which created a path, the CORRIDOR OF ORDER, into the inside of the Proto-Negasphere. The troops of the Chaotarcs are trying to energetically overload the inside of the INTAZO by massive hyperstorms and thereby make the passage unusable, but it is working too slowly. Nevertheless, ships are dependent in the INTAZO on the permanent application of high-quality 5-D protection screens.

The Lanterns know that when the Negasphere goes out, so will the INTAZO and it might seal their doom with it. They hope that Alaska Saedelaere, or more exactly his Cappin fragment, can somehow help them to survive this. However, this is not the case, and so Alaska Saedelaere can only try to award them courage and remind them of their duty and purpose. After his return to the JULES VERNE, Alaska reports to the other crewmembers of his experience.

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