2421 - ELEDAINS Kinder
ELEDAIN'S Children
Horst Hoffmann

20.059.813 BC (1346 NGE JULES VERNE shipboard time): Until approximately one thousand six hundred years ago the galaxies Tare Scharm and Tare Minor - the latter was called by its inhabitants N'tantha Tare Scharm - as well as the globular star cluster Aquon Gorissa lying between them belonged to the power concentration of the positive superintelligence ELEDAIN. The superintelligence had provided not only for order and peace in its galaxies, but had also “born” children “: The Sekundims. These only partially material partially energy organisms appear like amoebas, but are generally one hundred forty kilometers big. But one day ELEDAIN died, and TRAITOR appeared, in order to make Tare Scharm a Negasphere. It is possible that the Terminal Column was also responsible for the death of the superintelligence. About at the same time ARCHETIM moved both galaxies into the focus of his attention and transformed Tare-Minor into a gigantic concentration area for his troops..

For five hundred years long the Sekundim behaved passively or went, as ELEDAIN’S last order planned it, on the attack against the Traitanks of the Column. Then however there was a large-scale attack on Tare Minor, which could only be repelled, when ARCHETIM’S troops and the Sekundims allied themselves with one another. Since then the Sekundims have been filled with hate for TRAITOR and destroys the Traitanks, wherever they might come upon them. Only the Column MACHINES can become dangerous to them, because these enormous objects have a weapon, which can completely destroy dozens of Sekundim within a few seconds. Since no new Sekundims can be born (they cannot reproduce), their population shrinks with time to approximately forty thousand individuals, not only due to the Column MACHINES. Many Sekundims die by wasting away, because they consider their existence senseless. Pheriandurus and Tauzedaphelgas are two Sekundims, who belong together. These beings are complementary in function and always stay together. One partner takes in energy, while the other takes in mass, which they then share with each other - only so can they nourish themselves.

The JULES VERNE approaches Aquon Gorissa. It is stated that the border barrier, which encloses Tare Scharm runs through the middle of the globular star cluster. Aquon Gorissa is a hyperstorm reef; here raves a super powered, permanent hyperstorm, which makes a test flight inside impossible. The Galactics assume that the border barrier is permeable within the range of Aquon Gorissa, so that chaotic conditions, which prevail in the developing Negasphere, are “slosh over“ there. On November third the Galactics observe how four of the already well-known giant amoebas crush several Traitanks. Two of the amoebas, however, are destroyed when a Column MACHINE emerges. Before it disappears, one of the amoebas takes up the JULES VERNE in itself. The Paros Shadow screen is not an obstacle for it. Perry Rhodan immediately feels an intimate solidarity with the enormous being - it is Pherian, which submits the Galactics to an examination and provides the spaceship with a Imprint, in order to be able to find it at any time again. Pherian recognizes the fact that the Galactics do not belong to TRAITOR but desire to help ARCHETIM. It gives them the clue that they are to look for Eledain Cishon.

Pherian and Tauzeda flee, but are pursued by Column MACHINE. The two Sekundims weaken more and more swiftly, but cannot are to return to Eledain Cishon, where they could quickly recover. All the still living Sekundim look for refuge there, and the MACHINE may therefore never find this place. As Pherian and Tauzeda - Tauzeda already threatening to fade away and die – contract themselves: They transform into singularities. But they are still pursued by the MACHINE, which is using them as bait to get other Sekundims. Fifty of these beings, which want to help the two, fall victim to the MACHINE. Help then arrives in the form of the JULES VERNE. The two Sekundims aretaken aboard and brought to safety. The barbell ship is able to escape from the MACHINE in the protection of its ATG field. Again Pherian examines Rhodan’s convictions and judges him to be a positive being. After the Sekundims strengthen themselves, Pherian is ready to bring the JULES VERNE to Eledain Cishon, ELEDAIN’S birth channel, which the Sekundim came from. The ship crosses this channel and in this way follows the Trail of the LAW to INTAZO.

jerry schneiderman 2008-08-23

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