2420 - Ketschuas Mondflug
Ketschua's Moon Flight
Christian Montillon

The Laosoor Ketschua is a freshman in the Academy of Thieves and a natural talent in the procurement of information. The presence of the JULES VERNE awakens his curiosity, and he boast towards his companions of his knowledge, as he makes fun of Perry Rhodan’s first flight to the moon. However, secretly he admires this act, and so he goes on an expedition to the JULES VERNE.

He ends up in the center section of the spaceship, and the still persisting Strangeness effects around the context converter incapacitate him for several days. When he finally comes around again in the ship’s medical unit, the JULES VERNE is already on its way to the Negasphere, Tare Scharm. Gucky and Mondra Diamond take care of the stowaway and care for a sound education of their protégé as a master thief.

In the approach to Tare Scharm a flight into the galaxy fails because of the existing border dam, but they encounter several destroyed Traitanks of the Terminal Column which have apparently been destroyed not by known weapons, but rather by some mechanical effect.

During a more exact examination of such a wreck a Traitank emerges and the Terran command aboard must resist against a horde of Morgoth'Daers. When other Traitanks arrive, however, an enormous energetic apparition similar to an amoeba also appears which envelops several Traitanks and destroys them. The fire of the Traitanks shows no effects on this apparition.

The battle aboard the destroyed Traitank leads to the fact that many Terrans are trapped in ruined parts of the wreck. Because Gucky cannot get out all the trapped people, Ketschua also helps, although he was supposed to remain a passive observer on the mother ship. Thanks to his help the last expedition members and Perry Rhodan are brought out in time. And during an earlier unauthorized "walk" around the ship he found a memory chip in the cabin of the commander of the Traitank, which gives valuable clues: in the spherical star cluster Aquon-Gorissa in the Halo of Tare Scharm exists a bridgehead of the forces of Order. And the CORRIDOR OF THE ORDER also supposedly begins there.

With this the next target of JULES VERNE is fixed and the ship begins its journey there.

jerry schneiderman 2008-08-18

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