242 - Das Rätsel des Sumpfplaneten
The Puzzle Of The Swamp Planet
William Voltz


The exploration of Gleam reveals that the hypertransmitter is on Siren, a satellite of Gleam, that was made invisible by the Masters of the Island.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Don Redhorse realizes that the songs of the Gleamors plunge them - him and his men - into an euphoric state. When, shortly afterwards, thirty-six small spherical vessels emerge, the Terrans accompany the indigenous inhabitants who leave for the equatorial belt of Gleam in flying energy bubbles. The Gleamors disarm the Terrans who are brought onto a metallic platform. Screens showing Gleam as seen from space awaken the suspicions of the Terrans. The searched for station must be on Gleam's moon. Redhorse and his companions take the chief of the Gleamors, Loor Tan, as hostage and leave the planet with their space jet. In the atmosphere a hundred unknown vessels gather themselves.

On 15 September 2402, the CS-4C returns to the KHREST II. Telepaths inform Loor Tan that the Gleamors are the degenerate descendants of a divided people in several groups in Andro-Beta. The Gleamors call them the Mighty. Siren, the moon of Gleam, does in fact give out activation impulses to the Mobys.

Michael P. Mahoney

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