2419 - Der neue Herr der SOL
The New Master of the SOL
Leo Lukas

Ronald Tekener mopes in misery, until Dao Lin H'ay has left the SOL. He doubts himself and does not know on which course he should bring the ship. Then more than two thirds of all the Solaners sign a petition that is submitted to the ship’s leadership. The people are grateful to the Mom'Serimers for the help they gave during the Entropic Cyclone and demand their naturalization into the LFT. After some legal considerations are cleared up, this request is granted. On March 1, 1344 NGE all the Mom'Serimers, except for their leader Remo Aratoster, put in their individual applications and these are granted that very same day by the ship leadership. In addition, two hundred fifty Mom'Serimers are accepted as trainees in the naval service, and Steph La Nievand gets the honorable, even if extremely stressful task, of training the mercurial beings in the SOL training academy. During the following months the SOL explores the conditions in Hangay, gets to know of the suppression of the so-called resource galaxies by TRAITOR, observes the birth of the Noquaa-Kansahariyya and even tries to penetrate the dam which bolts the center region. It is flung back by this, however. On March 15, 1345 NGE all two hundred fifty Mom'Serimer trainees receive their fleet basic commissions. To Steph La Nievand’s horror, because of his success, the second trainee class has a thousand of the pains in the neck!

At the middle of August 1345 NGZ Kirmizz reaches the Service Castle SIRC. He is brought by some Traitanks to the border dam. While the SARI BANDA is taken into a Column dock and fitted out with additional Column technology, Kirmizz must have the bitter experience that he is unwanted here - the True Progress Terkan von Voosar residing in SIRC leaves no room for doubt that the VULTAPHER’S pilot is only being tolerated in Hangay as a guest. He is not even allowed in the center region of the galaxy. When he finds out that MINATERG, the future "heart" of VULTAPHER, has arrived in Hangay, he immediately makes his way to the Tir-Na-Tir system where the MINATERG is to be kept safe, until the Chaotender is finished. The Solaners have also located MINATERG and recognized immediately what it is, because MINATERG is constructed identically to MORHANDRA, the "heart" of ZENTAPHER. The SOL follows the convoy and takes up position by the Tir-Na-Tir system, because the destruction of MINATERG would be a crucial blow against the Terminal Column. However, direct attacks would be hopeless, even if the Chaos servants seem to tolerate the presence of the SOL at first.

However, Kirmizz has already developed a plan for the conquest of the generation spaceship. When the SOL catches an emergency call and saves four Kartanins from a wreck, it falls into the trap. The Kartanins stand under the spell of the mental Dislocator and enables him to locate the SOL at any time, as well as bring many crewmembers under his control within a few days. On September 22, 1345 NGE the SOL is encircled by thousands of Traitanks, and an attempt to escape is thwarted by the affected crewmembers. The ship is occupied by Mor'Daers and Ganschkares, and SENECA becomes watched over by four TRAITOR mobile computer cores, while Column Motivators make most of the crew pliable, as far as they do not stand anyway under the mental control of the new master of the SOL: Kirmizz personally takes over the ship. He likes the SOL if only for the fact that because of its hypertact-impulse it is also “straight away” prepared to fly in Hangay, which is not possible for the TRAITOR units without problems. Certainly, Ronald Tekener is not able to be influenced, due to his mental stabilization treatment, but he must nevertheless bend, because Kirmizz will only spare the life of the crew of the SOL under the condition that Tekener cooperates.

The SOL is armed, among other things with a dark screen and a fractal rip sheath. The fact that Kirmizz is fascinated by the immortal Terran, using him as his administrator and values him as a conversation partner, helps Tekener helps as little as his new title: He is appointed the High Sideryt. In secret, Tekener takes up contact with the Mom'Serimers, who remain largely uninfluenced. On August 19, 1346 NGE the meeting with the RICHARD BURTON takes place. Some time later the SOL receives the order from KOLTOROC to go to the Tir-Na-Tir system. There, on September first, a Terminal Herald delivers the coordinates for the building site of VULTAPHER: the Chaotender is to be built in the Milky Way. Kirmizz leaves the SOL that same day in order to go to the Milky Way. The next day the SOL begins its journey accompanied by two Traitanks. Their flight goal is the Elgas sector, close to the center region of Hangay. There the ship is to be mothballed, until TRAITOR finds some further use for it...

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