2418 - Der Entropische Zyklon
The Entropic Cyclone
Arndt Ellmer

The Column Geometricians of the insectoid race of the Oahm'Cara living on the Column Factory INSTERBANE are ordered to use their scout ships to measure the progress of the Entropic cyclone YOMHALVU. The stay near one of these cyclones is also strenuous for Column technology, so the scout ships are quite susceptible to its effects. Therefore, Farick Gilitt with five of his brothers end up in trouble as they are carrying out their measurements in the surrounding field of the Entropic Cyclone. Their shipís drive stutters, then begins to die. Only a forced landing on a nearby planet remains, during which the vehicle is fired upon by a ground fort. Only The Farick Gilitt survives the crash, but he is badly injured and doomed to die.

The RICHARD BURTON is together with the other ships of the Hangay squadron on their way to the Kuma Saka sector, from which there was news of the appearance of the SOL. They notice that around the sector, Traitanks of the Terminal Column collect themselves to retreat, because the upcoming arrival of an Entropic Cyclone was announced.

On the nearby planet Kalifurn stands a contact forest. Atlan da Gonozal flies there alone with a space jet, in order to warn and try to get the contact forest to help him collect more exact data about the Entropic cyclone. As a cell activator bearer he has some protection from the cyclone, but hopes that the forest can protect him completely from it.

Arriving on Kalifurn without the fort firing on him, Atlan submits his proposal to the contact forest, which consents. Shortly before the first spurs of the Entropic cyclone arrives Atlan registers the crash of the scout ship and makes his way to the wreck. He saves the injured Column Geometrician and brings him to the contact forest, where he gives Atlan important information before dying, figuring that Atlan was going to die also anyway.

Entropic cyclones turn out to emanate from a giant Terminal Column ship, which is the counterpart to the Spore ships of the Cosmocrats. They collect all the On- and Noon-quotas in their effective range, thereby killing all intelligent life there. The collected vital energy is then supplied to the proto-chaotic cells and thereby accelerates their development.

Atlan barely survives the cyclone and then leaves the planet with the knowledge he has gained. Returning to the RICHAR BURTON, he discovers that ESCHER has drawn some similar conclusions. They decide to now approach the Lettamas system, the center of the worlds of this sector settled by the Attavennok, and they find the world completely depopulated, littered with corpses everywhere.

All of a sudden, the SOL materializes in the system. It does not respond to Atlanís hail, but sends out an alarm on Column radio and takes an attack course on the RICHARD BURTON, which withdraws into an emergency lin

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