2416 - Mythos Scherbenstadt
Legend of Shard City
Christian Montillon

Dao Lin H'ay is struggling for her life and being treated in the Medostation of the RICHARD BURTON, but is able to tell the story of the SOL to Atlan. The Arkonide also finds the fact that Ronald Tekener and the Kartanin have finally separated - even if Tekener needed a long time to accept this fact.

In August 1342 NGE, eleven days after the flight from Ultra-blue, the SOL hides out at a sun which they name Old Red. The SOL has run aground in the halo of Hangay, because its hyperlight drive has virtually burned out. However, there is hope, because from the wreck of the TRAI Servicer that had fallen on Rothger not only almost two hundred sixty thousand metric tons of Khalumvatt had been rescued, but also some special hypercrystals, which they name T-Exagonium (TEX). The Solaners do not anticipate that it is Salkrit, but they recognize the possibilities which this substance offers. With the help of the Mom'Serimers which live in the SOL and wish for the right of more participation (the young Zeran Tronale was even ready to instigate a revolt), a space jet is modified, and afterwards the new fusion reactors are inserted from sloops in the SOL. On December first the space jet makes a successful test flight. With the TEX hypertact flight is possible, but the TEX used is quickly burned up in the process.

Six months later it is time: the SOL can fly farther in the direction of Hangay. The Solaners find out that TRAITOR is establishing a kind of barrier around the galaxy which can, however, be still crossed now. It comes to inexplicable deviations in course which are led back to the birth of the Negasphere, but the SOL is little hindered because the hypertact flight makes possible several thousand reorientation maneuvers within the shortest time. In October 1343 NGE the Mom'Serimer Siri Solaba, together with Blo Rakane, develops a Khalumvatt coating for the TEX which increases the efficiency of these hypercrystals farther because it is now possible to use a part of the deflagration energy from it. Dao Lin H'ay orders the approach to two Sunlight stations whose positions are known. However, both stations are destroyed, and the SOL finds on the 8th and 24th of October only ruins of Sunlight 7 and Sunlight 12. They were probably destroyed by TRAITOR, because the SOL is attacked near the second station by Traitanks and only barely manages to escape.

Dao Lin H'ay develops a new plan which bumps into little requited love with Ronald Tekener. She wants to organize the resistance of the people of Hangay against TRAITOR and is ready to leave the SOL to do so. On December third the Kartanin and the Terran participate in a secret conference of the people of Hangay, which takes place on the planet Yoki in the Yokitur-dark cloud. The two are received kindly, because they are still well-known in Hangay. But suddenly the conference members begin to behave peculiarly. The SOL, on which the same thing happens (only the activator bearers and the Mom'Serimers are immune), must flee. When the conditions return to normal again, in which the Mom'Serimer took a crucial part, the Solaners infer from caught Column radio messages what has happened. An Entropic cyclone has struck the dark cloud. Entropic cyclones cause a stultification of all intelligent beings living in its effective range and rob them at the same time of their vital energy. The Chaos powers use the cyclone to destroy all life in a certain space sector. They are practically the counterpart to the Spore ships and Swarms used by the Cosmocrats.

In recognition of their help the Mom'Serimers, which were till present only tolerated guests, receive extensive rights of codetermination in the SOL. In the middle of December Dao Lin H'ay leaves the SOL with a hypertact-flightworthy space jet to execute her plans alone. She never again hears anything about the SOL.

While Dao-Lin reports, Atlan gets the news on July 28, 1346 NGE that an Entropic cyclone is raging in the Jasandrich sector. Trim Marath perceives it like a great evil and deadly power. The RICHARD BURTON is far enough away to not affected by it and flies on towards Kosichi...

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