2415 - Armee der Mikro-Bestien
Army of the Micro-Beasts
Hubert Haensel

Ganymede releases Roi Danton from his preservation tank. She regards Roi not only as a friend, but even places herself completely at his service - from gratitude for the fact that the Terran induced her to independent thinking. Roi may again draw hope and immediately forges wild plans. Most of all he wants to kidnap the DERUFUS and bring it to the Terrans; the research results which could be expected from this would be of inestimable importance. Roi finds the destroyed original body of Yrendir, and later learns that the original bodies of Zerbone and Aroff are also in the DERUFUS. They however are still stored in the biostasis vault. Roi latches onto a monitoring device, which is apparently mentally steered. He thus finds out that he and Ganymed are not only facing approximately two thousand five hundred Column Anatomists on board, but also Mor'Daers of a new breeding stock, which were quickly woken.

Roi uses the knowledge which he had received from the one-sided feedback with Dantyren, and uses Dantyren’s override authority to shut down both the control and the radio communication systems of the bark, which can thus neither flee nor call for assistance. Ganymede meanwhile “takes care of“ the Mor'Daer soldiers. Then Roi releases all the micro-Beasts that are aboard, in order to make them his allies. This succeeds only with the help of the two leaders of the micro-Beasts: Senego Trainz and Mor Frant. The other Micros nearly kill Roi before their leaders show up. The Terran is able to convince the Micros of the fact that they have to help each other against the common enemy. However he has closed a pact with the devil, as he must recognize, when the Micros finally proceed pitilessly against all other breeding products of the bark and also against the Column Anatomists. They do not leave anybody alive, that could become dangerous to them or which they have no use for. Rorian Omokra, the High Medokogh of the bark, also falls victim to them.

For unknown reasons the bark suddenly begins to break apart. It seems, as if the biostasis vault and the Paralog Reprotron somehow recognized that they are in danger of being captured. Both units are self-sufficiently flightworthy and explosively separate from the bark, in order to bring themselves independently to safety. Roi Danton and some Micro-Beasts capture the ship's Dark Capsule GAIR IV. As Roi dos not use the opportunity to immediately escape, he manages to get approximately one thousand nine hundred Micros, as well as Ganymede on board, who would have otherwise died in the vacuum of space. This gains him the respect and affection of Senego Trainz and Mor Frant. Roi steers the Dark Capsule to the Aureuth system, in whose proximity there is a USO base. He lands on the tenth planet and transmits a message to the base for assistance, but fears that Traitanks are already on the trail of the GAIR IV. He therefore wants to program the ship to fly into the sun on autopliot. Ganymede does not agree with this. She does not want to be stuck on a planet and insists on flying on with the ship. One hundred Micro-Beasts accompany her, while the remainder remains with Roi. The GAIR IV does not make it far and is destroyed by arriving Traitanks before it can reach hyperspace…

jerry schneiderman 2008-07-06

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