2414 - Die Bestie Ganymed
The Beast Ganymede
Michael Marcus Thurner

Roi Danton is not brought back to the biostasis vault because is still an open question whether another copy of him would be demanded for a new Dantyren. He is supposed to be knocked out, but repeatedly attains consciousness with the help of his cell activator. He periodically experiences what happens to Dantyren while he is alive. This is because Danton gets a kind of feedback, where he has mental contact with the dual being. Certainly, this contact is one-sided, but in this way Danton has seen almost everything that happens to Dantyren. With time Danton succeeds in retrieving the small "nail" which he had rammed into the flesh of his finger. It is in fact a micro-laser which is not strong enough to cut through the glass walls of his preserving tank, but he can use it to point himself out to somebody that is in a tank facing him: A Beast bred by the Column Anatomists with the designation 1213UII764.

The Beast calls himself "Null". He is submitted to all kinds of murderous tests with which he must prove not only his will to survive, but also his ability for logical thinking. The Column Anatomist Konzig Asmo, who is responsible for him wants make Null activate his planning brain, and he actually has success. Null is the first Beast bred by TRAITOR that succeeds in suppressing the berserker instincts of his common brain and in acting completely with the logic given by the planning brain. In this way he is able to defeat all his comrades and survive. Danton uses the micro-laser to develop communication codes which the Beast actually understands. By the light signals he informs the Beast of what the Terminal Column is doing, who he himself is and that he needs the help of the Beast to be able to escape from the Skapalm bark. However, by a simple sign Null informs the Terran that he has no interest in these plans. Nevertheless, the Beast takes on the name which Danton has invented for him: Ganymede.

One day, frustrated with the fact that he cannot prove that the Beast has a functioning planning brain, the dying Konzig Asmo fetches Ganymede for his final test. He explains to the Beast that he will die no matter what: If he fails the test, he will be eaten by the insects, and if he wins, the Anatomists will dissect him to find out how he figured out a method to do that. Now it appears that the earlier experiments with which Ganymedeís will to survive was to be woken were more successful than thought. Ganymede is not ready to resign himself to the destiny intended for him. He is able to free himself from the testing hall, which he only manages, however, because Konzig Asmo has lost a code giver there, with which robots can be controlled. Ganymede has them cut an escape route in the hallís wall and then kills dozens of Column Anatomists. Konzig Asmo falls a victim to the insects whom he had let go at Ganymede. The Beast destroys the equipment in the genetic warehouse, kills numerous Column Anatomists and frees Roi Danton from the preserving tank because he needs somebody who can helps him to find the way in the self-determined world, so new for him.

jerry schneiderman 2008-06-26

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