2413 - Das Genetische Magazin
The Genetic Warehouse
Arndt Ellmer

The Skapalm bark DERUFUS has a special place in TRAITOR; it stores the genetic warehouse. Among other things the collection is used to manufacture micro- and macro-Beasts. On the DERUFUS, in contrary to normal Skapalm barks, production is much less practiced than research is. Below the High Medokogh Rorian Omokra, are the Column Anatomist Sheymor Merquin and his deputy Pharoib Inssino, who focus above all on micro-Beast formation. Still friends during their education, they have now become competitors, if not even enemies.

When Rorian Omokra receives the call from the CRULT and learns the fact that Dantyren was very probably killed and gets the order to provide new copies of Roi Danton and the Mor'Daer Yrendir, he sends Merquin and Inssino into the genetic warehouse, in order to get the original bodies of the two.

These bodies are stored in the so-called bio-stasis vault - a black box Column technology, which is simply used by the Anatomists - just like the Paralog Reprotron, in which the bodies are almost perfectly replicated. The replication however has one problem; with each copying process the original body loses vital energy that cannot be replaced. Only Roi Danton is probably immune to this because of his cell activator, which the Reprotron cannot duplicate. The Anatomists also do not know how long the Danton copy can live for. Danton and Yrendir are “Stored” in preservation tanks for transport from the safe deposit to the Reprotron.

After the procedure they are not brought immediately back into the bio-stasis vault, but into a laboratory of the Anatomists. It is possible that there will be complications with the production of the new dual Dantyren and the LUCRIFER, where the new Dual will be created, will request more duplicates.

For the two Anatomists it is surprising that Danton can quite consciously take in his environment from the preservation tank and even communicate, while the Mor'Daer lies in deep sleep in his tank. Particularly the fact that Danton recognizes the Beasts, whose tanks he is brought past, excites their attention, because he might be able to help them make progress with their research, because the true origin of the Beasts is unknown to the Anatomists. They have much information in their archives, but much of it is wrong or false. It is likewise remarkable to them that Danton has detailed information about the Column. He can speak TraiCom, knows of Antakur von Bitvelt and can obviously remember his attempted Dual processing.

Although forbidden, the two Anatomists, in each case independently and in the secret, release Danton from his “prison” and go through the historical data on the Beasts with him. This continues over weeks, while Danton on his part also studies the two Anatomists and quickly realizes they are venomous enemies of each other. This is quite true, as they commit one assassination attempt after the next against each other, but without success.

After four weeks Danton has supplied himself with sufficient background knowledge about the two Anatomists and their arguments against each other. He breaks with Merquin, wanting to give him no more information, but reveal to him that he will reveal everything to Inssino, since he offers Danton better prospects to stay out of his tank. In the next nightshift he informs Inssino about M-87 and the experiments of the Okefenokees of the Skoars and at the same time places demands to him. When Merquin realizes that he lost, as soon as Inssino entrusts the information with the High Medokogh, he storms into the lab during Inssino’s conversation with Danton. It comes to a duel, which both pay for with death, so that they take the new knowledge into the grave.

Roi Danton is paralyzed by a robot and then stored back in his preservation tank. First, however, he had succeeded in smuggling a nail like object into his prison - a first bit of hope for Perry Rhodan’s son.

On LUCRIFIR meanwhile the attempt to create a new Dantyren fails…

jerry schneiderman 2008-06-18

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