2412 - Das Wasser von Aar
The Water of Aar
Susan Schwartz

On June 21, 1346 NGE Reginald Bull travels with the EAGLE, a sloop from the LEIF ERIKSSON II, to a secret conference of all the Milky Way races. Bré Tsinga and his wife Fran Imith, who is functioning as a bodyguard, accompany him. The meeting was prepared and organized by the Aarus, or more exactly by Cheplin, the Schwarmer of the Aarus Jima. The worm is the ideal meeting place: It offers enough space and is neutral territory. Thus Cheplin actually managed within a few months to bring together representatives of all the Galactic power blocs, including delegations of Posbis, the Blues and the mysterious Streganer, as well as a Haluter observer. Some personal guests of the Aarus from the PP also observe the conference, but without participating. Imperator Bostich I. likewise participates. The conference takes place under the strictest secrecy measures, because it does not only offend against the TRAITOR Directive, but has the declared goal, of creating a new federation of all Galactics to fight against the Terminal Column.

Not all Aarus agrees with the fact that foreigners have entered the worm (for the Aarus this is breaking a taboo). For Cheplin it is certain however that the Milky Way is the new homeland of the Aarus, and that his people cannot stay out of the fight against TRAITOR. Cheplin has also encountered little approval from influential families where it concerned other various measures. Cheplin has striven in the past few years to provide the same chances for all Aarus and to break the power of the Marked ones. A conspiracy is created, which designates itself the Water of Aar and it wants to overthrow Cheplin. More still: These high-ranking Aarus want to turn to the side of the winners and therefore offer to TRAITOR the services of Aarus Jimas. While the conference begins, the conspirators prepare the crucial blow against Cheplin.

The first meeting of the Galactics comes immediately to stagnation. The delegates cannot even agree on a name for the new federation, but above all the enmity between Bull and Bostich are causing problems. They accuse each other of wanting to dominate the new federation. Bré Tsinga therefore organizes a personal discussion between the two with Cheplin as moderator. This is when the conspirators make their attack. Cheplin and his people are knocked out, and the conference participants are intended to be used as a ” gift “for the Terminal Column. However the conspirators did not count on the presence of Bull and Bostich, who temporarily forget their differences and fight together against the aggressors. These however have already sent a radio message out to TRAITOR, which is caught by some Traitanks. The conspirators are neutralized, but the Aarus Jima is attacked by the Traitanks. An escape does not seem to be possible, because the conspirators have shut down all access to the command dome’s computers. At the last moment the Posbis, who had earlier been given access to the Oceanic Computer controlling the Aarus Jimas, succeed in arranging it to make a transition.

After the worm is in safety, the conference can continue. On June twenty-seventh the establishment of an organization is announced, which carries the name New Galacticum and stands under Bostich’s presidency. The New Galacticum is to fight TRAITOR together and protect the interests of the member races. Bull had taken the advice of his “women” and intends to pull the strings in the background, letting Bostich take the heat. Anyway, he recognizes that Bostich’s leadership qualities will be useful. He also hopes that Bostich will be so bogged down in his new position that he will be too busy to cause any trouble.

On June thirtieth, Bull returns to Terra. He is handed a message from a Peace Driver envoy and learns that the human half of Dantyren was only a clone of Michael Rhodan. Zheobitt also somehow receives news of this top secret information. He offers to help Bull with the search for the genuine Roi Danton. As payment he requires among other things Dantyren’s corpse and the exclusive examination of Roi Danton, should he be found...

jerry schneiderman 2008-06-12

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