2411 - Schwinge-von-Raffat
Leo Lukas

The Hangay squadron is on the way to the Segarenis cluster of stars to examine the Proto chaotic cell appearing there and search for the whereabouts of the contact forest speaker Ar-Dus-Taar. The hyperspace conditions will be much more difficult on account of the inconsistency effect, because the erratic abnormalities show the much greater tendency to end inside of a sun after every flight stage. The single remedy is the further reduction of stage lengths and UL factor. Finally, Atlan ventures the connecting flight with the RICHARD BURTON and the support of the Parapositronic ESCHER.

Past - the chronicler: the Wing-From-Raffat is a Vennok space station for the observation of the two and a half light months removed sun Koh-Raffat, an irregular, changeable hyperemitter. A crew of approximately four hundred scientists and space soldiers is aboard.

When the battleships stationed in the Segarenis cluster of stars of the Vennok are drawn off due to the confrontations with other races of the galaxy, the station is taken over and further developed by pirates. The chronicler Kerseluuf the Younger and some of the surviving crew members join the pirates.

With the rise of the hyperimpedance the pirates do well because of the primitive technology used by them – although with a reduced range of action. But as the Terminal Column TRAITOR takes over power in Hangay, the problems quickly grow. The nearby system Koh-Raffat becomes one of the centers of troop deployment by the invaders and then hyperspace begins to degenerate in the Segarenis cluster of stars. Interstellar space travel becomes almost impossible and the last available long range spaceship retreats with some mutineers, so that no more escape is possible. The battle for sheer survival breaks out among the twenty-five thousand pirates left.

The sloop of an expedition of the New Kansahariyya is stormed by desperate crew members and damaged irreparably. The sloop’s crew is slaughtered, with the exception of a few, including the forest contact speaker, who remain captives. Its parent ship leaves after a prearranged period.

July 1346 NGZ: this is the time when the RICHARD BURTON shows up. The Galactics conquer the station and secure themselves all the recorded sensor data on it. Because the commander of the station activates its self-destruction before his death, the surviving pirates are evacuated.

Ar-Dus-Taar, the last surviving crew member of the NK expedition, is freed. In terrible physical shape, she is brought to the ship’s medical area and it turns out that she is apparently in fact Dao Lin H'ay! Through the evaluation of the carried off sensor data the birth of a Proto chaotic cell becomes better understood. It also appears that the SOL was on the scene, having been probably captured by TRAITOR…

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