241 - Fünf von der CREST
Five From The CREST
William Voltz


The Terrans must abandon Artis to the Mobies. They relocate on Androbeta's fringe. The Khrest II scientists calculate that there are nine possible sources in Androbeta from which the hyperwave can be emitted. Rhodan sends nine mosquitos (small and fast ships) to investigate these spots. Eight ships find nothing of interest but the eighth one discovers a system made of three aligned stars, called the Triad system. Around the central star orbits the planet Gleam [Cedric: probably called the Swamp Planet and renamed by our restless and always creative French translator. And to an English name on top of that :-)]

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The Terrans abandon their base on Arctis and leave the Andro-Beta nebula because of the danger posed by the activated Mobys. Nine space jets are sent back toward Andro-Beta to find the station sending out the activation impulses to the Mobys.

The crew of the SJ-4C commanded by Don Redhorse is composed of four individuals: the radio operator Olivier Doutreval, Sergeant Whip Gilliam, the officer candidate Chard Bradon and Corporal Brazos Surfat who is presently under arrest for his frequent lack of discipline. The SJ-4C discovers a system of three aligned suns. The central star of the Triad system possesses an ellipsoid planet. It is from here that the activation impulses are sent out. Because of its fluorescent blue atmosphere, the planet is named Gleam.

Contrary to Rhodan's orders, the SJ-4C lands on the planet. Besides having to search for the station of the "Masters of the Island", the five Terrans must face the strange fauna of the swampy world. They finally meet the humanoid Gleamors who possess a low level of civilization. The delicate pale blue creatures nourish themselves with fungi and irritate the Terrans with their abnormally pacific behavior and their songs.

Michael P. Mahoney

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