2409 - Grenzwall Hangay
Hangay Barrier
Leo Lukas

The Hangay squadron reaches Cala Impex, the base of the Peace Drivers just outside the galaxy Hangay. There the crews celebrate their arrival before the next phase of their flight.

Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain start for Earth with the remains of Dantyren.

With the help of the measurements and detection data of the Peace Drivers, the Parapositronic ESCHER calculates some theories in the meantime about the nature of the border barrier around Hangay. It apparently acts as a zone of hyperphysical discontinuity of fifty to one hundred light-years thickness. It does not seem to have any lasting passageways, because no two groups of Traitanks take the same course. The Column space-time-routers have the task of determining arising quiet zones within the prohibited area that contain normal conditions and supplying flying TRAITOR units with the appropriate course data. It must be flown with extremely low hyperlight factors, or else the flight passage used becomes unstable and breaks down.

With this information the Hangay squadron tries to fly through the border barrier for a while with instructions based on ESCHERíS model of the space time structure. However the border barrier has a dangerous effect, whereby the life force slowly drains from all organic life forms. Soon a constantly increasing proportion of the crews must be shifted into a coma like hibernation. Only Atlan, as a cell activator carrier, is immune to it.

Finally the expedition threatens to be stranded in the border barrier after the collapse of a passage zone. Therefore Atlan seizes upon a ruse and contacts the nearest space-time router, pretending to be a Traitank, in order to get flight data. He succeeds in doing this, but during one of the intermediate stops, they come in viewing range of space time routers, whereby the TRAITOR unit is now informed about their presence.

ESCHER meanwhile continued to improve its model of the border barrier, so that they can take the last stage through the border barrier on another course and finally comes out in a place unexpected by TRAITOR. Nevertheless five Traitanks are waiting in the proximity, which are however, destroyed with the assistance of the Paros shadow screen and the two VRITRA cannons of the RICHARD BURTON, without any losses on their side.

Before they can look for an escape route, the squadron is hailed from a nearby sun without planets. The Hangay squadron takes course for the sun, in order to take up contact with the author of the transmission...

jerry schneiderman 2008-05-12

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