2407 - Aufbruch nach Tare-Scharm
Departure To Tare-Scharm
Hubert Haensel

With the assistance of the Plot of Avalthani, the Laosoor Pothawk and his Terran allies under the leadership of Perry Rhodan, succeed in drawing in the leaders of the space fleet, military and High tech thieves of the Laosoors onto their side. The fact that the LAOMARK is being used as tool of the Chaos powers and is to be destroyed after the completion of its current task makes the necessity for swift action clear to all.

Thus the deployment of the rebels takes place in the form of a routine military exercise. Then two hundred thousand Laosoors, two hundred fighters from the JULES VERNE and three thousand TARA combat robot take part in storming the Core Castle. The castle is overrun, but Arapanoag, one of the two Laosoor kings, resists with his guard under the influence of Column Motivators and falls in battle.

Still bitterer is the fight against the units of the Pressor Guard in the secret base under the Core Castle. There the override control center of the LAOMARK must be conquered, which also succeeds with the assistance of Icho Tolot. The SHF-Transmitter block, which keeps the LAW-Giver CHEOS-TAI in place by sending it a false signal every 2.8 hours to convince it that it is a base of the powers of Order and keeps in touch with three thousand Traitanks trailing the LAOMARK, is to be likewise secured, but ends up being destroyed by troops of the Pressor Guard. The capture of the Dual Ekatus Atimoss fails when he provokes a psi-storm and flees with a Dark Capsule from the LAOMARK. The JULES VERNE opens fire on the fleeing unit, but possibly damaged it still succeeds in entering hyperspace.

The LAOMARK is then divided in have, using ancient machinery that was rediscovered, in order to release the CHEOS-TAI. Without the timed code signal the CHEOS-TAI awakes, emits a strong hypersignal, which paralyzes all organisms in the range of several light minutes for approximately forty hours, and flies off to Oaghonyr.

ARCHETIM announces the imminent arrival of the CHEOS-TAI to its Prinzipa Kamuko and instructs the immediate departure of the Trail of the LAW to Tare Scharm, with its first stop on the way being Camp INTAZO.

When the Terrans and Laosoors awake from the paralysis, no units of the Pressor Guard are yet to be sighted. The surviving king Hawamoja declares that Pothawk is to be the successor of the deceased Arapanoag. Perry Rhodan goes to Oaghonyr with the uncoupled JULES VERNE-1. He is told that the JULES VERNE was cleared of the charges of stealing the Glowlight Armor, but that they know he released the 5D anchor from the CHEOS-TAI, so he is not welcome with the Trail. The Trail of the LAW has already left, without leaving any information on its exact course or its destination coordinates, so Rhodan then turns back to the LAOMARK. There in the former accommodations of the Dual, a hologram of the Negasphaere was found, and on the basis of this, the galaxy Tare-Scharm is determined as NGC-3423, approximately forty-five million light years away.

Thus the recombined JULES VERNE begins its flight there, which will take one hundred fifty days. The now also recombined LAOMARK decides to also fly to Tare-Scharm. Their flight will last more than one year, but the Laosoors would like to now join the fight against the Negasphaere.

jerry schneiderman 2008-04-18

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