2406 - Die Kristall-Annalen
The Crystal Annals
Wim Vandemaan

Mondra Diamond and Perry Rhodan have only approximately nine hours time to finish their mission in the Core Castle. Afterwards the teleport alarm units will automatically reactivate - the two would then not be able to flee with the help of a teleporter, and Rhodans cover as a "dead man" would be blown. The two determine that numerous Chaos servants are floating about in the LAOMARK, including some Column Motivators. That is the explanation for the spinelessness of the Laosoor kings. A gigantic complex actually spreads out under the Core Castle, which was already set up there many centuries ago by the Pressor Guard. The LAOMARK is the actual operational base of Ekatus Atimoss, the leader of the Pressor Guard Chada Saryeh. Ekatus Atimoss is an only approximately eighty centimeter tall reptilian Dual, one half of which (Ekatus Ajastoreus) originally came from a Negasphaere and is only inspired by the desire to return to such an environment and therefore only too gladly accepts TRAITOR’S order to fight for the establishment of a new Negasphaere in Tare Scharm (and later in Phariske Erigon). The other half (Atimoss Fry) was once a servant of the Cosmocrats, however not voluntarily, but according to his own words "officially coerced", and so had eventually changed sides. The Dual can manufacture Parapolarisators and in an extreme emergency situation can provoke a psi-storm, which can pulverize whole planets. In addition Ekatus Atimoss possesses the Para-gift of the "Zerotrance", with which he can observe other beings mentally.

The Dual being suffers from constant pain, because the two body halves perpetually reject each other. Staying in the bearer robot provides a certain easement, but a genuine release from the continuous agony the dual nature feels only, if it makes its "diary". To do this he uses the plot of Avalthani, a small disk shaped object, which is everything that remains of the entity AVALTHANI (probably a positive superintelligence). Ekatus Atimoss had led a TRAITOR campaign a long time ago against the armed forces of this entity and ended up destroying both their fleets with his Para-gift in view of a forthcoming total defeat. A Terminal Herald had thereafter presented the plot of Avalthani to him. The dual being can store his memories in it, freeing himself from the mental pressure they produce in him.

The two humans discover the accommodations of the dual being. It is a kind of curiosity cabinet, because Ekatus Atimoss has saved a "memento" from every one of his numerous campaigns. The remains of the former superintelligence seem to have survived in the plot of Avalthani, because the disk reacts to Rhodan’s knight aura and feels it almost as a relief to deliver itself to him – It had to do this, because it would have been not at all possible for the Terran to touch the object because of the extreme safety precautions the Dual had taken to secure it. Now the two humans can withdraw along with their co-conspirators. In a new hideout, the plot agrees to deliver its "contents" to all para-gifted associates of the aura bearer. Pothawk and his brothers can thus access the memories of Ekatus Atimoss. Doing so, they recognize the truth: The entire history of their people is a TRAITOR developed deception.

In fact, Ekatus Atimoss supplied eleven of the twelve moon spheres of the Laosoor to be utilized as resources for cabinets of the Chaotender INFATHER. He only retained the LAOMARK for himself, in order to develop it into an operational base - the Laosoor had often been used since then by then without its knowledge for the purposes of the Chaotarchs, so naturally they were also used with the CHEOS-TAI mission, which Ekatus Atimoss had been able to come up with, because he had succeeded some time earlier in catching and drawing all the information from the Schohaake Folsson Brack, a familiar of Gerneral Kamuko’s, with the help of the Column Motivators. Meanwhile, Ekatus Atimoss is to deliver the CHEOS-TAI to the Chaos powers for dissection and then destroy the LAOMARK and its people, in order to erase all traces of the theft of the CHEOS-TAI.

Rhodan can be pleased: If this information is brought to the attention of the people of the Laosoor, a rebellion might be instigated against TRAITOR. In addition he is able to for first time view the plans of a high-ranking Chaos servant through the plot of Avalthani. And it is a good assumption that without being able to purge his memories into the “diary” of the plot, Ekatus Atimoss will begin to lose his mind.

jerry schneiderman 2008-04-10

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