2405 - Pakt Gegen das Chaos
Pact Against The Chaos
Horst Hoffmann

On the JULES VERNE all Mondra Diamond can do is wait for Perry Rhodan to return. Certainly, the crew pulls in as much information as they can find on the LAOMARK and the Laosoors, but all direct communication attempts fail as they are being attempted. The Laosoors face the JULES VERNE with absolute indifference. Meanwhile Gucky is taken over by the energy being Aphaitas which begins to suck out the life energy from the mousebeaver. It does no intend to do this, but something instinctively forces him to do it. Aphaitas is actually on the hunt for the Psionic energy of the multimutant, but Gucky manages to effectively barricade this from the energy being. As a result of the drain and merging with Aphaitas, Gucky begins to literally fade out of existence

Meanwhile Pothawk is called to report to the kings, and on the way he discovers ellipsoid spaceships that move around in the LAOMARK. As he had expected, the client also appears and takes complete control of the talk. Pothawk explains that he had to kill Rhodan, disintegrating him to avoid him doing any damage. The client accepts this news and withdraws. When he is gone, Pothawk appeals to his kings to uphold the honor of the thieves, but they are completely apathetic as if nothing has been going on. Pothawk is close to losing his temper, but he reins himself in, although he has secretly expected nothing else. He therefore leaves the Core Castle to meet his coconspirators. Naturally Rhodan is not dead, he has conspired with the three Laosoor brothers and created the "pact against the chaos”. They have taken up accommodations near the Core Castle. From there they spy out the position at first. It is quickly clear that the Laosoors have no chance to break into the castle alone. Therefore, Rhodan suggests getting Mondra Diamond and Gucky from the JULES VERNE, so that the former circus artist and TLS agent can smooth the way for the whole group. Pothawk agrees and they begin. Rhodan’s fears are confirmed: Morgoth'Daers are inside the castle. Limbox succeeds in tapping the computer network there, and finds out that the ellipsoid ships have been sighted within the LAOMARK for centuries, but the entries were thoroughly deleted from the systems. They all realize that the only ones that could have ordered this done were the kings.

Aphaitas finally manages to disentangle from Gucky, latches onto the CHEOS-TAI, sucks itself full there instead and makes its towards the ritual of D'habranda somewhere else in space and time.

jerry schneiderman 2008-03-31

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