2404 - Versteck am Black Hole
Hideout in the Black Hole

On Oaghonyr Kamuko is still in search of the Glowlight armor. A visit to ARCHETIM’S Crèche brings nothing once again, as the superintelligence stays silent. Finally, she finds the breastplate, but first receives the next piece of bad news. It is namely that the LAW-Giver has disappeared. For ARCHETIM’S highest aide, it is another blow. On account of the fact that the coordinates of the location of CHEOS-TAI were highly secret and, moreover, that the Pressor Guard Malawa-Kelechi has attacked, the suspicion that Perry Rhodan stands behind the thefts dwindles slowly. It is obvious that it was a Chaos unit, which has spied on Oaghonyr.

Because the Guard continues to attack worlds, the Prinzipa goes on the hunt and discovers the secret base of the Pressor Guard, close to the black hole Zistaka. Even as she calls in a bigger fleet, ARCHETIM awakes and mentally gives the instruction to her to activate the LAW-Giver and set the Trail of the LAW in march. When Kamuko wants to report on the problems being encountered, she is not heard.

The Prinzipa succeeds in destroying the fleet of Traitanks and also the base which was, however, still being constructed. Moreover, she learns from a Guschkar which she captures that a bigger contingent from TRAITOR is on the way to Phariske-Erigon, that the Pressor Guard consists of a few dozen to several thousand ships and in each case carries a proper name. The proper name of the Pressor Guard in Phariske-Erigon is “Chada Saryeh”. Moreover, the Prinzipa finds out that the Guard is led by Ekatus Atimoss. Then the Guschkar dies by the Claw of the Laboraten.

The General leaves a sizable fleet by the black hole and returns to Oaghonyr. There she goes back to the Crèche, and this time she makes contact with her superintelligence. She learns the purpose of the Glowlight armor and that ARCHETIM has recovered the greaves. However, the whereabouts of the vector helmet is still unknown to ARCHETIM. But the superintelligence explains that the schedule still stands and that the Trail will leave if necessary without the helmet, but that she must get back the LAW-Giver. Kamuko finally accepts that Perry Rhodan can longer be suspected in the theft of the armor and nothing should not stand in the way of co-operation with him, if she can only find him…

jerry schneiderman 2008-03-24

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