2403 - Mission CHEOS-TAI
Christian Montillon

The past:

Pothawk continues to suffer from strokes of fate. The day before he goes four years after his older brother to the Academy of Thieves, his mother goes to commit suicide, but dies from unknown causes first. Then, arriving at the academy, he discovers that his first love Imosazi is in a relationship with his brother Vizquegatomi. Nevertheless the woman is still attracted to him and she eventually seduces him into having sex. Vizquegatomi walks in on them and breaks off all contact with the two of them. A few years later, Limbox also comes to the academy. One by one they graduate from the academy. When Imosazi graduates, second highest in her class, she breaks off her relationship with Pothawk, which hits him hard. Nevertheless he submerses himself in his studies and eventually graduates as best in class for his year. Years later, the paths of the three brothers cross during a thief’s mission, and when Pothawk saves the life of his brother Viz, the two reconcile.

Relative date - the beginning of May 20,059,813 BC:

Perry Rhodan and the group of Laosoors consisting of Pothawk, Imosazi, Viz, Limbox, and other Laosoors advances into the CHEOS-TAI, given authorization by Rhodan’s Knight’s aura. When they must take a break due to Strangeness effects, they come upon corpses of an unknown species, as well as a small group of still living people of this species, who are however in the process of dying. Pothawk realizes that the Supra-emitters he ordered set off caused this genocide. Their client had deceived them, which naturally does not escape Rhodan, who thereupon appeals to Pothawk’s conscience. The Laosoor is quite aware of this ploy, but continues to put the order of the two kings ahead of however he might feel.

Using to the layout plan of the CHEOS-TAI, which the client had provided, they advance after this incident, until they are entangled in combat by an army of robots. Imosazi, who had briefly before this admitted her love to Pothawk, sacrifices herself for the Commander of thieves. Only seconds the battle robots stop firing and withdraw. Yomhazanevan, the last survivor of the technicians from the race of the Tefta Raga, appears in a survival tank and says he just recognized an aura bearer in Rhodan and apologizes for the attack. The technician is dying, but nevertheless still manages to give Rhodsan some information before his death. The CHEOS-TAI is not yet quite prepared for operation, but its machinery is completely installed. According to Yomhazanevan the regular crew, which are Thermodyn engineers, are only scheduled to come aboard at Tare Scharm. To the question about the intended purpose of the ship, the technician answers:

"CHEOS-TAI opens the gate to Tare Scharm".

A short time later , the troop reaches the Main Control Room, and Rhodan is rescanned before being recognized as the ship’s new Commander. The Resident instructs the release of the hyper-energetic anchor, as is expected of him. He does this because he sees no other choice being left to him. However he decides to play for time by ordering the ship to do a complete systems check before it allows itself to be launched. What the Terran does not know: The Laosoors do not intend to move the giant conventionally. They use transmitter beacons laid all over the hull to transmit the CHEOS-TAI into the cavity of the LAOMARK....

jerry schneiderman 2008-03-20

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