2402 - Der GESETZ-Geber
The LAW-Giver
Christian Montillon

Perry Rhodan on a special mission - the Terran should become a thief

Perry Rhodan has been aboard the LAOMARK and held prisoner for nearly a week now. Commander Pothawk explains to him that they will set off shortly to carry out their “Mission CHEOS-TAI “. Perry Rhodan receives no farther explanations at first as to in what capacity he should become a part of the enterprise. However, Pothawk is ready to cooperate with him, in so far as he permits Perry Rhodan to take up contact with the JULES VERNE, in order to inquire about the condition of the crew.

The Laosoors leave the LAOMARK with seventy-two Mounters. Beside Pothawk’s brothers Limbox and Vizquegatomi, who will act during the trip as Perry Rhodan’s "bodyguard", a female Laosoor called Imosazi also accompanies the mission aboard the ATHMU. Perry Rhodan figures out that a close emotional connection must exist between Pothawk and Imosazi.

From the memories of Pothawk’s youth, we discover that Imosazi was really his first love a long time ago. Pothawk’s emotional connection to his family is also more closely illuminated - not only to his two brothers, but also especially his younger sister, Pouxai who suffers from Molark's syndrome and thereby permanently remained mentally a child. Pothawk proved his future abilities rather early, when he stole the final exam questions for the admission into the Master School of Thieves, with his younger brother Limbox, without whose knowledge his older brother, Vizquegatomi would probably have not passed the entrance examination. Soon after this, their sister Pouxai, upset over the fact that Vizquegatomi will soon leave and thereby upset her whole world, decides to commit suicide. She goes into an underground labyrinth and her brothers are not able to save her from dying from hypothermia, after falling into a deep pool. During this attempted rescue attempt, Pothawk finally overcomes his old fears and begins to mature into the man he will become.

By Hyper-Translocation, the seventy-two Mounters proceed to the edge of the Thanuk Nebula, although their real target is the Quokan system inside the nebula, as Pothawk betrays. The Laosoors observe from a distance how a Schohaake world called Malawa-Kelechi is attacked by strange spaceships. From the inside of the nebula two thousand five hundred cylinder ships of the SYSTEM, troops of the Superintelligence ARCHETIM, rush to help the Schohaake world. Perry Rhodan supposes that Pothawk knew from his client that the Schohaake world would be attacked as a diversion to allow the Laosoors a relatively unnoticed penetration into the Thanuk Nebula. Hence, Perry Rhodan supposes that the attacking units must be from the Pressor Guard, and therefore it is for the Chaos troops of TRAITOR that the Laosoors work, directly by order of the Chaos powers. Rhodan understands that this bothers Pothawk, although he still believes in the need to obey the orders of his kings.

In the Quokan system the Mounters discover an eighteen thousand kilometer wide anomaly, which had been protected up to now by the troops of the SYSTEM. The seventy-two Mounters channel out a total of two hundred sixteen Mount-jets, which drift without impulse drives towards the anomaly, while the Mounters distract the remaining SYSTEM units. Perry Rhodan is with the three brothers Pothawk, Vizquegatomi and Limbox and the female Laosoor Imosazi aboard one of these Mount-jets, which penetrate into the zone of the anomaly. Trackers reveal that inside the space time anomaly is a spherical, golden-colored object of precisely one thousand one hundred twenty-six kilometers of diameter. Perry Rhodan realizes with amazement that the LAW-Giver CHEOS-TAI is probably identical to a Spore ship of the cosmic powers of Order. The anomaly around the CHEOS-TAI originates from a 5D anchor, which holds the LAW-Giver to this place.

To protect themselves from the pursuers of the SYSTEM, the Laosoor had laid a mine field with elevation warheads. Through close-distance teleportation they bring so-called Supra-emitters aboard the LAW-Giver, which should make the crew of the ship incapable of action for the time being after their ignition. On the golden-colored surface of the LAW-Giver, Perry Rhodan discovers the so-called dimensional-shimmer. Despite the loss of some Laosoors to this phenomenon, the approach to the LAW-Giver clearly succeeds relatively simply. Pothawk explains to an aghast Perry Rhodan that it is not intended to steal something from the CHEOS-TAI, but that the LAW-Giver should be stolen as a whole. And this is where Perry Rhodan at last comes into play. His Knight's aura should allow the Laosoors to gain „official“ access to the LAW-Giver and thereby set off the automatic defense systems inside of the LAW-Giver against them.

The CHEOS-TAI scans Perry Rhodan, identifies him as an envoy of the Cosmocrats and grants access to the inside of the Cosmocrat's ship to him and the Laosoor.

Cedric Beust 2008-02-22

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