2401 - Vorstoß in die LAOMARK
Thrust into LAOMARK
Michael Marcus Thurner

JULES VERNE enters a strange space - and three activator bearers go on an investigation

The JULES VERNE hides in the tracking shadow of the sun Gagot Blue, after it has successfully fled from the planet Oaghonyr. With his hide-and-seek tactics before the searching Schohaake units, the Emotionaut Jason Colton interferes actively with the decisions of the spaceship commander Lanz Ahakin and expedition leader Perry Rhodan who gives him a stern talking to afterwards. In Colton's attitude, Perry Rhodan in fact feels reminded of his own behavior as a Major three thousand years ago.

Gucky draws the attention of Perry Rhodan to the fact that he still registers short scraps of thought in the ship, which he associates with Terran panthers. However, the ship's Syntron, NEMO can recognize no strange activities. Therefore, due to their parapolarisors, the presence of the Laosoors onboard remains unnoticed. Commander Pothawk uses another of these "miracle spheres" to call the LAOMARK. Shortly after a fleet of thirty spaceships of roughly one thousand five hundred meter size in each case appear, which remotely have the the shape of predators and are called Mounters by their owners. The JULES VERNE is immediately encircled. Perry Rhodan receives the order from the Laosoor-Commander Hohogom (a panther-like being) to hand over the JULES VERNE. A small escape corridor allows Perry Rhodan to order the alarm start of the barbell ship, only to find out then that the Laosoor had left open the corridor as a trap. Commander Hohogom boards the JULES VERNE. Perry Rhodan orders his people to perform no defensive actions. The contact between the two commanders takes place deferentially and Perry Rhodan recognizes that the Commander of the Laosoor is a creature of strict honor. The LAOMARK materializes in the orbit of the sun Gagot Blue and takes aboard the JULES VERNE. The LAOMARK is a two thousand kilometer moon equipped for hyperlight flight. While the JULES VERNE is infiltrated into the LAOMARK, Commander Pothawk takes over command of the Laosoor aboard the JULES VERNE.

Perry Rhodan withdraws to supposedly rest in a lounge, but uses this time only as a pretext. With Gucky and Icho Tolot he teleports unnoticed from the JULES VERNE into the LAOMARK. It turns out that the LAOMARK is a hollow sphere which owns an almost thirty kilometer wide outer layer. On the inside part of this hollow sphere the three hundred five million Laosoors live in a heavenly world which is shone on by eleven artificial suns.

As Commander Pothawk notices the escape of the Terran and his two companions, he gives the full alarm for the LAOMARK. Because almost all the Laosoor are short distances teleporters, the order of a teleport-ban which will be tracked by teleport-sensors goes out. Gucky discovers that in spite of his initial disbelief these teleport sensors do exist and the Laosoors get closer to them faster with every teleport jump which the Ilt makes. Even when the escape is continued on Icho Tolot's back, the Laosoors track down the three fleeing individuals very quickly again on account of their excellent hunting instincts.

Meanwhile Commander Pothawk is ordered to report to the Core-Castle where he encounters, along with the two Laosoor kings, Hawamoja and Arapanoag, the mysterious and sinister client who had given him and his brothers the three part order. This mysterious stranger uses a three meter black floating bearing robot, which reminds of the shape of a crouching humanoid. The ellipsoid head of the bearer robot has a clear window disk behind which one can vaguely recognize a small figure which seems to stare at the viewer with gigantic eyes. The mysterious client demands back from Pothawk the remaining parapolarisors, but Pothawk insists that he has used them all, which satisfies the mysterious client. However, Pothawk has actually hidden the last six parapolarisors. The mysterious client recognizes the achievement of the theft of the coordinates of the LAW-Giver and surprises all with the confession that he had not counted on the acquisition of the Glowlight armament at all. But he reacts with annoyance when he finds out that the Laosoors did not kidnap the Prinzipa Kamuko, but took off with the "other" aura bearer, Perry Rhodan. To force the Terran to surrender and carry out an important task, the mysterious client uses simple extortion, as he orders the JULES VERNE towed outside the LAOMARK and threatens to destroy it with the LAOMARK'S guns. Perry Rhodan is left with no choice but to bend to this extortion. When brought to the Core-Castle, the mysterious client is surprised by Perry Rhodan's aura and confirms that Perry Rhodan is very well suited for his purpose. He wants Perry Rhodan to go with the Laosoors on the CHEOS-TAI mission. If he fulfils this task, he can then go on his way free with his spaceship again. As the guns of the LAOMARK threaten the JULES VERNE, Perry Rhodan has no other choice but to agree to these demands.

Commander Pothawk starts to hate the mysterious client, because extortion counts as a mortal sin for the Laosoor and cannot understand why the two kings accept this extortion. This stranger has turned all the values that the Laosoors stand for, into mud.

jerry schneiderman 2008-02-22

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