240 - An der Schwelle der Hölle
At The Threshold Of Hell
H.G. Ewers


A strange hyperwave is beginning to irradiate through Androbeta. This hyperwaves wakes all the Mobies up and they start to destroy methodically all the inhabited planets of the micro-galaxy. It seems that the Masters of the Islands eventually suspected the presence of the Terrans and are going to great lengths to make sure they won't survive. A Moby attacks and destroys Destroy, and then moves on to Artis, but the Terrans are able to eliminate it thanks to the para-sprinters (the Woolver brothers). But they know all they did was gaining some time

Meanwhile, after a parapsychic experience, an OSU officer is transfered for a few hours into a parallel universe where he meets with a telepathetic robot on some dark planet. This robot explains that he has been waiting for his masters for a thousand years, but the Terran can't learn anything more.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

A fleet of one thousand Twonoser vessels appears in the Alurin System, attracted by events on Destroy. They place themselves in orbit around the first planet. Shortly afterwards a Moby emerges, giving out great deals of energy. It recharges itself on the sun and annihilates Destroy. When it threatens Arctis, the Woolver twins transport bombs inside of the Moby to destroy the gigantic creature. With the help of tractor beams the KHREST II, the THORA II, the ALARIC, the NAPOLEON and the IMPERATOR pull the Moby into the sun.

On the orders of Atlan, Lieutenant Aino Uwanok of the USO explodes rockets on Station Louvre. The energy freed into space will permit telepaths to learn what happens in Andro-Beta. Because of his inability to feel pain, Uwanok was the only one with the ability to complete this mission. At the time of the explosion the officer finds himself on another temporal plain where he discovers an old installation which is hundreds of thousands of years old. It is maintained by turtle-shaped robots. This installation can project the whole planet into a foreign temporal plain. When a destruction device triggers itself, Uwanok comes back into normal space. The Moby is destroyed.

The Maahk Grek-1 assumes that the "Masters of the Island" have activated other Mobys in order to put an end to the uncontrolled events in Andro-Beta.

Michael P. Mahoney

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