24 - Im Dschungel der Urwelt
In the Primeval Jungle (Ace Title: The Venus Trap)
Kurt Mahr

(1981) With the assistance of the Venusian seals, Rhodan, Okura and Marshall are able to cross the sea. Despite helicopter attacks from Raskujan's right hand man, Major Pjatkow, they escape into the jungle and continue across the landscape toward the Venus base.

Tomisenkow, who has abandoned all aspirations to conquer the Venus base and wants only to rid his newly adopted home planet of the dictator Raskujan, escapes with Thora and a handful of his men. Despite early success in eluding their pursuers, all but one of them (Alicharin) are eventually recaptured by Pjatkow and returned to Raskujan's camp.

With Alicharinís assistance, Rhodanís team is able to reach, and enter the protective dome surrounding Venus base. Pjatkow is killed trying to pursue them into the base. Rhodan instructs the positronic brain to remove the secret barrier, enabling Bull, in an auxiliary ship to land and make short work subduing Raskujan's troops. Raskujan himself escapes, taking Tomisenkow and Thora as hostages, but is killed by Tomisenkow.

Tomisenkow expresses the wishes of the Russian troops to remain and colonize Venus, which Rhodan confesses was what he had hoped would be the result when he had stranded them on the planet. Rhodan returns to Earth.

Mark J. Golden 2007-08-26

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