2399 - Finale fŁr einen Dual
Finale for a Dual
Uwe Anton

The Galactics withdraw along the transmitter route before the units of the Terminal Column TRAITOR. The control stations of the Lemurain Sun Transmitters are meanwhile manipulated like previously in the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron and made unusable by TRAITOR.

At the Nagigal Trio Atlan says goodbye to the Raphanes, which should probably be of no interest to TRITOR because of their low technical level and their isolated location. Form the Gulver Duo the journey goes on to the Jiapho Duo where paths separate. The majority of Fifty-three thousand Haluter spaceships leaves, accompanied by some PONTOON tenders and Terran volunteers, for Andromeda and Pinwheel in order to support resistance there against TRAITOR. The majority of the Terran fleet and some Haluters are accepted, on Atlanís request, by the Spectral Island States, to be dropped off again in the Milky Way.

The Dual Dantyren proceeds meanwhile in his disguise as a Haluter, Dongu Gok, to the Trixal switching station and lures Atlan to himself under a pretext, in order to murder him. When Atlan escapes, he gives up his camouflage and takes the technical expert Laurai Broder, who is now in the station, as a hostage. To save her, Atlan follows the Dual into an old forgotten underground city and finds help from degenerated Lemurer descendants living there.

Dantyren loses his powers of concentration during a Psycho-duel. However, Atlanís attempt to capture him fails, and so he must kill Dantyren, after Dantyren's hostage dives into a ray shot meant for Atlan.

With the assistance of the impact impulse generator platform ZEUT-80, a Situation transmitter field is constructed by which the RICHARD BURTON leaves in the direction of Hangay, along with its escort ships. During the examination of Dantyrenís corpse, the Ara Prid-Reuyl finds out that only a clone of Michael Rhodan was used in the production of the Dual, so the original might still be alive somewhere.

When TRAITOR units under Zerberoff arrive in the Jiapho Duo almost two weeks later and take possession of the Situation transmitter, switching it off, the expedition to Hangay has covered more than five hundred forty thousand light years of its journey and now continues under its own power towards the Peace Drivers base, Cala Impex.

Cedric Beust 2008-02-07

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