2398 - Aufbruch nach Hangay
Departure To Hangay
Uwe Anton

Under Atlan’s command the Galactics prepare for the evacuation of the Kharag Sun Dodecaherdrons. The hyperfield left by the Reductive Traitanks continues to grow in size and turns out to be a transmitter through which one hundred twenty-two Traitanks and a Column-Fort are deployed. They take up station by the transmitter, but do not do anything else. A Column radio message is caught by the Galactics, revealing that the Dual Captain Zerberoff is still alive and has taken command of the Column force.

When another four full Chaos squadrons arrive, the attack on the Kharag Stahlwelt begins. During the attack the explosion from an exploding energy coupling hits a Terran technician, Laurai Broder, knocking her unconscious. Perry Rhodan appears on the scene with the ZEUT-80 just in time. By way of an impulse from the hyperflood generators of the station, Rhodan succeeds disturbing the Traitanks ability to fly and attack for a short time.

Atlan uses this time to finish evacuating his forces from the planets and taking them, along with a part of the fleet and the giant station ZEUT-80, through the sun transmitter with the goal of the Jiapho duo. Perry Rhodan and the remaining units leave Omega Centauri through the hyperflood fronts. The plants of the Kharag steel world and the sun transmitter have been shut down and sabotaged to the point that TRAITOR can hopefully never use them.

To make sure the shutdown worked, the ancient Haluter Cornor Lerz volunteered to stay on the Kharag steel world. Once this is done, he goes to attack the landing TRAITOR troops in a suicide attack…

jerry schneiderman 2008-01-31

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