2397 - Die Halbspur Changeure
The Halftrack Changeure
Hubert Haensel

After the victory over the Reductive-Traitanks peace has come again to the area of the Sun Dodecahedron. But the aggressors have left a constantly growing UHF potential energy field, which cannot be affected by the Galactics. When the emerging of a least one hundred kilometer thick unknown object is announced, the Galactics theorize that a connection could exist with the UHF potential field. Perry Rhodan who is annoying Atlan with his continued secretiveness, begins to pursue the object with the EXPLORER ship BEIJING. However, the strangers do not react to radio messages and execute transitions if the Terran ship comes underneath a certain distance. Therefore, Rhodan, Gucky and Icho Tolot change into a smaller ship: They pursue the unknown object with a SCARAB.

The durable little ship is able to approach the stranger close enough that Gucky can catch thought impulses. Because the mousebeaver can do this, Rhodan assumes that the protection screen of the strangers must be permeable to Psi-impulses. Therefore, he has himself and Tolot teleported inside by Gucky. It turns out that the unknown object is an impact impulse generator platform of the Lemurers with the designation ZEUT-80. This disk-shaped, dodecagonal station has a diameter of one hundred twenty kilometers. Enormous control pyramids rise on both flat sides. Generators aboard are used for the intensification of the hyperflood fronts ruling in Omega Centauri. However, the real intended purpose of the station was the building of Sun Transmitters.

Gucky discovers that ZEUT-80 has been retrofitted, meanwhile, for another purpose. On the surface of a protection screened round platform the so-called transportation court BLUE RIMBER has been established. It is a kind of way station with connected restaurants, which is used by a multiplicity of the most different living beings - tourists who are only making a connection in Omega Centauri. The transportation takes place over energy tubes of some kind. Rhodan and his companions manage to mix in with the crowd, despite a short dispute with the loading foreman Pscholian Lox. They learn that BLUE RIMBER is run by the Halftrack Changeures. Rhodan succeeds in speaking to one of these beings. It is a small humanoid that seems to exist in two continuums at the same time, because he is shined upon on one side by an invisible sun. The Halftrack-Changeur recognizes Rhodan’s Knight's aura and states that his people had found the station abandoned an "eternity" ago and taken care of it since then.

Rhodan is almost electrified when he hears that the Halftrack-Changeures come from a solar system by the name of Andury-Aphanur. He demands the delivery of the station into his hands and bases this upon the fact that the Terrans are the descendants of the lawful owners of ZEUT-80. Certainly, he must prove the identity to the station computer, but he manages this without a problem, because with wise aforethought Atlan had given him the Krish'un. Within the shortest time the Halftrack-Changeures clear out the transportation court and the energy tunnels vanish. Rhodan has the ZEUT-80 fly to the Sun Dodecahedron, where the station is more carefully examined. It appears that the ZEUT-80 disposes of generators, which can produce a Hyper-cavitation field - a semi-space bubble stabilized in normal space within which the hyperimpedance is reduced.

Meanwhile, the Dual Captain Zerberoff is floating in space in his rescue capsule. He had carefully programmed its launch to make it head towards the UHF potential field in such a way that it will reach it as the field becomes ready for use…

jerry schneiderman 2008-01-24

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