2396 - Traitanks zwischen 20 Sonnen
Traitanks Between The Twenty Suns
Hubert Haensel

Perry Rhodan goes to the Nucleus, in order to finally confront the collective being. He demands trust for trust and requires the disclosure of all the Nucleus’ plans. Since the Nucleus gives only empty clichés to him, the Resident refuses it any further LFT assistance. The Nucleus finally reveals to him, what the context transducer and the refitting of the JULES VERNE are for. This information impresses Rhodan so deeply that his fundamental attitude changes.

Later, ESCHER is cut out of its building and shifted into the now two thousand five hundred meter wide RICHARD BURTON, which has been reequipped with auxiliary modules. Rhodan and Gucky fly personally with this ship to the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron, where they arrive on March 8, 1346 NGE. Atlan travels there at the same time with the EDMOND HALLEY.

Meanwhile Zerberoff and Dantyren prepare an attack on Omega Centauri. Both received the order for this from the True Progress, and it is clear to both that they have thereby finally became official competitors. The Chaos servants have succeeded in locating the zones of relative peace within the globular star cluster so that they can penetrate there. Zerberoff fits out for this purpose an enormous fleet of so-called Reductive-Traitanks, which were cannibalized and equipped with "primitive technology" like transition engines. Dantyren uses three Koda Aratiers, shape transducers, whose abilities are much more strongly pronounced than those of the Koda Ariels, and which can unite, in order for copy larger beings. They produce a covering, which is copied from a Haluter and can take up Dantyren. In the camouflage of a Haluter courier named Dongu Gok, whose destination is allegedly the Sun Dodecahedron that ended up stranded in space, Dantyren is "saved" by a Terran ship and brought to the destination. His plan is to murder Perry Rhodan and Atlan.

On March ninth from Zerberoff and his Chaos squadrons reach the Sun Dodecahedron. Zerberoff receives recorded information from Koda Ariels that managed to get their way in. It informs him about the Galactics’ project to reach Hangay by means of a Sun Transmitter route. A battle involving heavy losses for both sides is then set off. Since the Reductive-Traitanks do not have their original equipment and armament, the Galactics, who are supported by the Haluters, keep the upper hand. They lure the Traitanks into the proximity of Khar I, where heavy duty Lemurian Counterpole cannons are stationed. However the planet is eventually transformed into a glowing hell by the battle. But Zerberoff has only been playing for time. With this a UHF Energy potential was to be established by the Sun Dodecahedron, whose intended purpose remains hidden to the Galactics. Although Zerberoff’s fleet is destroyed (he escapes in a survival capsule), Atlan prepares everything for the evacuation of the Sun Dodecahedron, because Omega Centauri is no longer a safe place of refuge.

Perry Rhodan, who had at first intended to fly with the RICHARD BURTON to Hangay, announces that he has changed his plans. Atlan is to take his place. It is clear to the Arkonide that the Resident is concealing something from him…

jerry schneiderman 2008-01-16

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