2395 - Die Gen-Sammler
The Gene Collectors
Arndt Ellmer

When Immentri Luz picks back up Mnexion ring circlet of Morian Kinnaird, which he had put down, admission to the Spectral Tower is granted to him. Inside he meets the android Levink, who is only one of many artificial beings that still steer the Spectral island states from the tower. With its assistance Immentri Luz looks for a possibility to stop the Spectral Amaranthesí attack. Before he can do this, he overwhelmed again by Morianís remaining life memories.

Morian and the other Spheros go to examine the planet Lemur in the protection of their perfectly camouflaged Amaranthes. Inside the planetís sun they discover a "6D-Jewel". They learn about the evacuation of the Lemurian race through the Sun Transmitters to Karahol. Even as Lemur is attacked by the Beasts , the Spheros do not intervene in the battles. Erilyn Shirde states that only every thousandth Lemurer carries Anakone genes. Millions of Lemurers would have to be able to be examined in peace, if Anakone genes are to be extracted for the revitalization of the gene pool of the Spheros. Morian therefore takes up contact with the Lemurian Admiral Lan Lan-Asfahan , in order to make an interesting offer: The Spheros will position the spectral island states stably at the Jiapho Duo transmitter and take the double solar system into itself, in order to make escape possible for more Lemurers, which cannot make it to Karahol. They would be accepted as the tenth associated race of the island states and be settled there on the planet Valianess. To calm the high council of the Spheros, which are afraid of the martial Lemurers, Ama Zurn and Immentri Luz are created as guards of the transmitter facilities. They will thereby prevent the Lemurers from gaining arbitrary access to areas of the island states. The Jiapho Duo can even be partitioned off from the remainder of the island states beyond that by a protection screen relay that can be activated from the Spectral Tower.

The Lemurer accepts the offer and begins the exodus. Now Erilyn can carry out her research, for which many Lemurers volunteer. Morian discovers a vault, which was obviously built by the Anakones within the Spectral Tower. It is guarded by a computer, which calls itself the AUTHORITY and be addressed by the Transfer Master. Information about the Anakones is not to be drawn from it however. For many years the increasing population of Valianess lives together in peace with the Spheros, which even have a Lemurer fleet consisting of one thousand three hundred ships, with which they can move about within the island states. However, Admiral Lan Lan-Asfahan secretly pursues his own plans. He wants to bring the island states under his power, in order to defeat the Beasts with the superior technology of the Spheros and even take over the Grand Tamanium itself. The Lemurers succeed in even stealing the isolated Anakone genes and thereby supplementing their own gene pool. With the help of the AUTHORITY, which uses an inertia producing field, Lan Asfahanís attack is nipped in the bud. The inertia producing field makes all the Lemurers in the attacking fleet completely lethargic. All one thousand three hundred ships are then shifted back into normal space.

After many years Ė as the Sphero population shrinks threateningly - Erilyn produces the first in vitro child with the new Anakone genes inserted. To Erilynís horror it is chimera, but the research eventually continues. The children finally produced are raised on the planet Ani. Further generations of test tube children come to the world, which due to a genetically caused language error (which is later eliminated) they do not call themselves "Sphero", but "Ani-Sferzon " - from "Sphero of the planet Ani". The Ani-Sferzon rapidly reproduce, but do not develop as the Sphero desired. They become ever more aggressive, and in addition many disfigured children end up being born. Morian and his wife finally give up hope and bridge thirty-one thousand years in deep sleep chambers. When they return to life, the Lemurers of Valianess have become extinct and the Ani-Sferzon have taken power over all the associated races and suppress them in the cruelest ways. Only the Spectral Tower is not attainable for them, plus they cannot leave the island states. After Erilynís death of old age, Morian is the last Sphero. He prepares everything for the return of the activation guards and dies a little later.

With that, Morianís memories end. Immentri Luz understands that there are no more Spheros. He orders the screen field of the Jiapho Duo activated, so that the Combi-Trans Squadron is untouchable by the nine hundred fifty Spectral Amaranthes stolen over time by the Ani-Sferzon. He then convinces the AUTHORITY to recognize him as Transfer Master, so he can use the inertia filed generator against the Amaranthes and remove the Ani-Sferzons from these ships. In addition he ensures that the Combi-Trans Squadron can continue on its way unhindered to Hangay, buy having the Jiapho Duo system returned to normal space. Immentri Luz decides to remain in the island states, in order to heal the wounds caused to the associated races by the Ani Sferzon and to look for the Anakones. An important lead for him is the information that the descendants of the Lemurer fleet banished from the island states still carry modified Sphero genes in them. Meanwhile, he refuses to take any active role with the Spectral island states in the fight against TRAITOR, as it would betray the Sphero moral stance.

Immentri Luz says his goodbyes to Atlan and then the Jiapho Duo system and the Combi-Trans Squadron are transported back to normal spaceÖ

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