2394 - Hyperraum-Nomaden
Arndt Ellmer

Immentri Luz regains more memories and proceeds on the search for the Spectral Tower, because he knows that he could intervene crucially from there in the battle against the Spectral Amaranthes. Using a transmitter he reaches the planet Vitogh'Farien, an abandoned residential world of the Spheros. An automated facility scans him and informs him, that the Sphero Morian Kinnaird has given the instruction to grant access to the Spectral tower to the first returning activation guard. Luz does not get any further information. Inside the tower he finds two dead Spheros Ėthey are the perfectly conserved bodies of Morian Kinnaird and his mate. The sight of the corpses wakes more memories in the activation guard. He recognizes that the dead people are wearing so-called Mnexion-forehead rings, and takes one of them - at the same time all of Morian Kinnairdís flood over him.

The humanoid Spheros are ancient and extremely long-lived, but a people becoming extinct with a dying will to live and stronger growing lethargy. Robots and androids must take over more and more tasks which have been done up to now by the Spheros. Some of the Spheros are psi-gifted, and some of these are able to produce Psi-matter. All the Spheros are connected over a mental network with each other, and particularly gifted Spheros can "dive" completely into this network with the help of the Mnexion-forehead bands, which contain a quantum of psi-material. For many tens of thousands of years the Spheros travel through hyperspace with the Spectral island states. Sixty-seven suns are surrounded by a nestling screen and serve not only the Sphero as a living space, but nine other races who are associated with the Spheros and live in peaceful harmony with each other. They are refugees, exiled races, etc. to whom the Spheros have granted refuge. The Spheros are a morally high-standing people and interfere only extremely rarely in the affairs of other races. They know that they stand at the threshold of collective intellectualization, however, reject this development because they are a people of individualists.

Morian is the first Sphero child who has been born in two hundred seventy-eight years. As an adult he completely devotes himself to the task to investigating the reasons for the extinction of the Sphero. That's why he searches for legacies from the time before the departure of the Spectral island states, because the current Spheros know nothing about this epoch. The High Arbiters of the Sphero which reside in the Spectral Tower support his research. During excavations an enormous object is discovered: the self-sufficient gigantic city Gorkwaisch, whose age is estimated to be at least one hundred twenty thousand years. That is where the single available records from the old times are discovered. The biogeneticist Erilyn Shirde also looks for the causes of the decline of the Spheros. She recognizes that the genetic structure of the Spheros are changing, which leads to a progressive loss of cell activity. The decoding of the ancient records from Gorkwaisch supplies a possible explanation for this genetic change: at some indeterminate time the genotype of highly developed beings which called themselves Anakones, was inserted into the genes of the Spheros. The Anakones considered this to be a "present" to the old Spheros, and it actually did come afterwards to an enormous evolutionary thrust. Then the Anakones moved on with an unknown destination.

After the death of the previous Transfer Master of the Spheros, Morian is elected as his successor. He and Erilyn Shirde become a couple. In a secret bunker in Gorkwaisch, information is found about the fact that the Anakones must have stopped sometime once in a galaxy by the name of Ammandul. Morian is more than surprised when he recognizes with an orientation stop in normal space that this galaxy has turned out to be the exact flight goal of the Spectral island states, and this, although its coordinates were only just learned. The Spheros explore Ammandul and learn that for approximately the last seventy years a war has been raging there between the Lemurers and the Beasts. They do not intervene in the fighting, but examine some dead Lemurers and find out that these carry inactive genes, which are identical to the genotype of the Spheros.

Immentriís last impressions of Morianís life for the moment are the memories about the stillbirth of his child. The activation guard does not succeed in penetrating farther into the Spectral tower. He catches a radio message, which informs him that nine hundred fifty Spectral Amaranthes are gathering for another attack on Trixal...


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