2393 - Androiden-Sinfonie
Android Symphony
Horst Hoffmann

The Combi-Trans Squadron arrives at the Jiapho Duo. All the control facilities there have been switched off, and they locate a mini star cluster with sixty-nine suns where, actually, only empty space should be. Moreover, it is found that the hyperimpedance values are lower here than are normal for now. Twenty Mercury and twenty Diana cruisers are sent out to investigate the area. The neighboring galaxies are not visible and the squadron determines that it is in a hypercocoon. During the investigation of the control planet Trixal, a radio message is radiated after a mental scan occurs. The message is an alarm to the something called the Ani-Sferzon, with the content alarm case activation guard .

Soon an attack of six spaceships made from form energy, so-called Spectral Amaranthes, takes place. Several Galactic ships - the Explorer VERACRUZ and the LFT BOXES ADON and BURMA - are destroyed. It appears that only old-fashioned impulse cannons used at short range can become dangerous for the Amaranthes. The opponents retreat only after the destruction of three Amaranthes.

After the attack, there is a conference of the Ani-Sferzon, who show strong genetic degenerations, as they appear with too little genetic variance in a small population. The Kontrex among the leaders of the Ani-Sferzon informs a group of the ruling powers about the loss of Amaranthes with the first attack; something that has never happened before. The activation guards must be prevented from reaching the Spectral Tower on Vitogh'Farien, because this would mean the end of their power in the island governments. They would accomplish this by way of a second contingent of Amaranthes, more massive than ever before in their history, and with its failure the third, almost unthinkable, contingent will be sent, which will dig deeply into the resources of the empire.

At the same time the Galactics mine the nearby surroundings of the control planet with space mines calibrated for an impulse effect. With it they succeed in repulsing the second attack by fifty Amaranthes without any further losses of their own. Ama Zurn manages to bring about a short radio contact with the Kontrex, but it results in Ama Zurn recoiling in horror and shutting down his vital functions; he dies.

The third attack of four hundred forty Amaranthes is finished by the appearance of a hyperspace quake with which the missing AHUR emerges through the hyperspace tunnel. The Galactics are told the story of the AHUR and find out from a picture of the inhabitants of Inkar-Durn that they possess the same speckled eyes as the Ani-Sferzon.

After things settle down, Atlan learns that the other activation guard, Immentri Luz, has vanished on the control planet Trixal...

jerry schneiderman 2007-12-15

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