2390 - Der Raum-Zeit-Router
The Space Time Router
Arndt Ellmer

The Peace Drivers are attacked in the Space Time Router by Mor'Daer soldiers, who survived their stationís accident in deep sleep tanks.

While the Peace Drivers push back the attacks when reinforcements arrive from Cala Impex under Chyndorís command, Mondra Diamond wanders through areas of the station, within which only the mysterious Transit Inspectors may normally move about. She observes the activities of some survivors is eventually taken prisoner by them. However Alaska Saedelaere, who was searching for her, arrives just in time. The mask bearer kills her captors by exposing them to the radiation of Cappin crystal embedded in his face. The two Galactics return together to the bridgehead of the Peace Drivers.

The Peace Drivers succeed in to bringing the underlight drive system of the Space Time Router under control and accelerating the station, but then the Mor'Daers sabotage the drive and manage to send out an emergency signal. Traitanks soon approach. The Peace Drivers must give up the station, but they set bombs and explode the station after leaving.

A Peace Driver that possesses the power of soul gazing examines Mondra. This confirms that the consciousness fragment of Kintradim Crux is really wiped out. While she had been under the influence of the consciousness fragment Mondra had carried off a small article before entering the innards of the station. It turns out that it holds a map that is likely that of the Hangay Negasphere.

The Peace Drivers must accept the fact that they will be able to use a space time router to penetrate into Hangay, but are still pleased that this might not be possible for the Chaos troops either, after the station was destroyed. But they congratulated themselves too soon: Thousands of Space Time Routers materialize a little later in the DMODA sector...

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-11-14

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