2389 - Die Opal-Station
The Opal Station
Uwe Anton

Eight Peace Driver ships approach the Opal Station in the protection of their OREON Covers. They assume they have a crashed TRAITOR unit before themselves, and want to try to salvage it. Using spy probes they discover an entry hatch, and Alaska Saedelaere decides to penetrate the station through it. Mondra Diamond immediately insists upon coming along, because she is with them expressly to use anything related to TRAITOR in order to pull out the knowledge from the consciousness fragment of Kintradim Crux which is supposedly inside her.

Within the station they bump into massive amounts of corpses of the most varied Chaos servant races. After they have determined the situation as still being uncritical, the other Peace Drivers follow them in, including Kantiran Rhodan and Cosmuel Kain.

During their further investigations of the station the Peace Drivers keep bumping into corridors which end in a formless flowing fog. Kantiran supposes that these corridors lead to hyperspace storage areas in which large parts of the station could be accommodated. The closer they approach the center of the station the more of these corridors they find.

In one corridor Mondra and Alaska bump into the corpse of a forty centimeter tall being that is strapped into a kind of support frame. While seeing the corpse Mondra unconsciously utters the word Praeggor. It immediately becomes clear to her that she can only have pulled out this knowledge from the consciousness fragment of Kintradim Crux.

Mondra gets to know even more by way of a thrust of memories. She learns that the Architect of the thirty-seventh ZENTAPHER had already been on this station before. Shortly after he had successfully finished his education in the academy of Harcoy-Maranesh, he eventually ended up on the Opal Station, or to call it with the proper name, the Space Time Router eMOX-3370. At the time, it was stationed near the Negasphere at the former location of TRIICLE-9.

There Crux, and therefore Mondra, learned that the Space Time Router was there to make possible navigating close to the Negasphere for conventional spaceships.

Some time later, after Modra wakes up, Kantiranís group discovers a control room. Alaska and Mondra also proceed there. Unfortunately, the operating consoles are protected by force field screens, but Mondra suddenly goes through one of the fields and approaches one of the operating consoles behind the screening. Alaska tries to come to her, but fails to get through. He and his other companions are condemned to watch as Mondra feels the operating console, then breaks down and pulls herself up again. Then, after grabbing some kind of spike from the console, she suddenly disappears through a passage that did not exist there before. What they do not know, is that the consciousness fragment had won the upper hand and in an act of desperation Mondra ordered her suit to give her a lethal dose of medicine and then reanimate her, if possible. This occurred and Mondra believes that she is now freed from the consciousness fragment.

But this does not explain why Mondra has disappeared, and now the Peace Drivers in the control room receive the message that their bridgehead has been discovered and is being attacked...

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-11-07

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