2388 - Objekt Ultra
Object Ultra
Christian Montillon

Cosmuel Kain is accepted in the ranks of the Peace Drivers.

Three months later: the Peace Drivers establish a new base in the halo of Hangay, within a three thousand kilometer thick wandering moon by the name of Cala Impex.

Alaska Saedelaere is on a patrol flight together with two other Peace Drivers approx. two thousand light years away. Mondra Diamond accompanies him as a guest, in the hope that near the appearing Negasphere in Hangay her buried memories from Torr Samaho or Kintradim Crux might resurface and give hints about how to stop the Column.

The approximately ten light years wide area of space D-MODA are secured by more than one million Traitanks. Using interference impulses, the Traitanks make sensor studies of the space sector almost impossible. Several CALLERS are probably activated there to show the way to Hangay to units of TRAITOR from other universes.

The Peace Drivers actually do discover objects with foreign Strangeness values in D-MODA. They suppose that shifting from another universe is possible only from beyond a certain distance from the appearing Negasphere. The arrived units might have to be reequipped first for the flight into the surroundings of the Negasphere.

An object without mass, made of ultrahigh frequency energy also emerges, that the Peace Drivers name Object Ultra. It erratically changes position and produces temporary Pararealities in its close vicinity, as the Peace Drivers discover with their examinations. Alaska Saedelaere finally identifies Object Ultra, by application of the vector helmet, as a cosmic messenger which keeps bumping against an immaterial barrier approximately thirty thousand light years before Hangay and can therefore not fly into the galaxy to stop the appearance of the Negasphere.

After one of the Pararealities vanishes, a clawed shaped space station remains behind. The Peace Drivers assume that it is a Column unit that went off target due to Object Ultra and is put out of operation by Object Ultra’s radiation. Kantiran declares that they must go investigate the station…

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-10-31

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