2387 - Die Präkog-Kaiserin
The Precog-empress
Hubert Haensel

Icho Tolot loses no time when it becomes clear to him that something has gone wrong with Startac Shroeder’s teleport. He proceeds immediately to the EDMOND HALLEY to follow the ship of the Tad de Rauds, who abruptly begin to retreat from New Lemur. Back on New Lemur, Cornor Lerz takes over command during Tolot’s absence.

Atlan awakes in a small cell, but he very quickly has contact with Deville-Kareem, who informs him that the three Galactics are guests and that the Precog-princess wants to speak to them. Because Trim Marath and Schroeder are still unconscious, only Atlan is brought to the princess of the VLON RADARIN, Catonya. Even as they arrive there, the Tad de Raud fleet makes its first transition jump.

On New Lemur a troop of Haluters reports that Atlan and the mutants have disappeared, and that a small village has suddenly become visible and three individuals have been sighted in it. Lerz orders that the Haluters should withdraw and three Terrans approach, because the old Haluter has identified one of the strangers as an activation guard. However, he himself proceeds to the small village as fast as he can.

Atlan is informed by Catonya that he and his companions are to be brought to the main world of the Tad de Rauds, Etad-Rauda. Deville-Kareem feels completely safe there, as their homeland has never been attacked, but Atlan throws him off balance with the statement that there is always a first time. Then the old Arkonide is brought back to his cell. Through the strange walls he succeeds in making contact with Schroeder. The Teleporter and Sensor is robbed of his Psi forces, as the Precog-princess absorbs them somehow. Marath has to suffer from her influence.

With a lot of small transitions and the splitting of the fleet Deville-Kareem tries to shake off the EDMOND HALLEY, but this does not succeed. After ten jumps, on January 8, 1346 NGE, Etad-Rauda is reached by the Tad de Raud, and so does the LFT ship, which goes into the sensor shadow of the sun. In the system the Galactics locate approximately four hundred luster drones, armed forces which have already been defeated by the ships of the SATURN class. But Icho Tolot wants to intervene only when the exact position of the kidnapped people is determined.

The three Galactics are being brought directly to the Precog-empress, and on the way Atlan causes a short period of confusion, so that Schroeder can do a teleport spring and free the three of them. But the short game of hide-and-sick brings only a small gaining of time, because the female Tad de Rauds are able with to hunt up the three with their psionic senses. So they are caught only one day later and brought to the empress.

The empress is a gigantic caricature of a Tad de Raud; her head is still built completely normally, but the abdomen is broken open and gigantic. Moreover, she controls her surroundings with her Psi forces. The Tad de Rauds are only marionettes, and Schroeder and Marath have also fallen into her power. Only Atlan resists this and finds out from the empress that while he certainly possesses an interesting aura, his two companions, however, are still much more interesting. She reveals to the Arkonide that she is able to take foreign bodies into hers, decompose them and to insert their genetic code into hers. In this way, she wants to transfer the abilities of both mutants into the genetic code of the next generation of Tad de Raud. The Arkonide is horrified and tries to save Schroeder.

Shortly before this, the specialists of the HALLEY determine the location of the three prisoners. Tolot orders the ship immediately into the orbit of Etad-Rauda and sends a ground troop composed of only ten people. But they are wrapped in red battle suits, for they are ten Haluters.

Atlan just frees Schroeder from the body of the empress, who is digesting him, when hell breaks loose. The ten Haluters get access to the throne of the empress without great effort and kill her. With this loss the Tad de Raud system grinds to a halt and the EDMOND HALLEY can escape without any great problems.

On New Lemur tension is smoldering due to a problem that Cornor Lerz cannot deal with. Ama Zurn has informed him that the Mesoport net will permanently break down if its energy supply is not replaced by the reconfigured Sun Transmitters. But the Haluter reminds him that whole galaxies are threatened by the Negasphere still more strongly and that their mission would be endangered if anything goes wrong during the reloading process. Zurn tells Lerz that he still reacts like a Beast, which deeply hurts the old Haluter. But to Cornor’s luck the EDMOND HALLEY returns and Atlan takes full responsibility back into his hands. The Arkonide remains steadfast in his conviction. While the way to the Zhaklaan Trio is still blocked, the connection to the Jiapho Duo is secured. In spite of the many complaints from all sides the Arkonide, who is slightly irritated and makes it clear that he is not Perry Rhodan, firmly sets the launch for January 18, 1346 NGE, at 14 o'clock and therefore orders the Sun Transmitters configured back to normal.

All of a sudden, three hundred and eighty luster drones attack the system, but they have no chance against the Galactics. The prospect of a slaughter causes the two activation guards to shut down. They simply cannot handle people killing each other. Therefore, Atlan orders only a barrage to scare them off, although the Combi-Trans squadron could easily decimate the Tad de Raud fleet.

On the opposite side Deville-Kareem recognizes that the attacks are senseless, but his Precog-princesses order more attacks in their madness, caused by the loss of their empress. These attacks are only stopped, when Catonya who is developing into the new empress, intervenes upon the advisement of the marshal and calls for a retreat. On January 15, 1436 NGE, the Tad de Raud withdraw.

On New Lemur almost everyone is disappointed by Atlan, but an avalanche of petitions cause Atlan to change his mind. On January eighteenth, at nine o'clock he cancels the countdown and lets Ama Zurn finish the charging of the Mesoport net. This succeeds without problems, so that a new launching date of Januray thirtieth can be set for the squadron. Immentri Luz, meanwhile, decides to stay with his comrade on New Lemur.

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-10-23

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