2386 - Die Diskrete Domäne
The Discreet Domain
Michael Marcus Thurner

When Alexim and Lemaha arrive with their "find" on Dynh Abhwelt, the activation guard awakes. His name is Ama Zurn and had put himself into a deep sleep more than fifty thousand years ago, in view of the fratricidal war going on between the Lemuerers. Exactly like his "brother" Immentri Luz, he is not living being born from conception, but a "product". His task consists of protecting the Gulver Duo Sun Transmitter against unauthorized use and had at the time shut down the connection towards the Jiapho Duo and Zhaklaan Trio. Ama Zurn is fascinated by the city of And'rol and in contrast to the Telomons, is let in. Through semi-material holograms, the central computer of the city takes up contact with him and tells him the history of the Andury. This race had once worked in the galaxy Siom Som for ESTARTU, but eventually withdrew from the cosmic stage and perpetuated their legacy as beings, which they called their children: The Telomons. In Orellana they produced an artificial thickening of the Psionic net and energetically loaded it, creating the Mesoport net. This net is now beginning to dissolve, after the hyperimpedance increase and the transfer of the entire star cluster to the Gulver Duo. The computer asks Ama Zurn to “repair” the net by using the Sun Transmitter’s sun taps to recharge the net.

Although this request runs contrary to the original order of the activation guard, he agrees to it because there are no more Lemurers around and he owes the Telemons for waking him. He sets himself up on New Lemur and investigates the control pyramids of the Sun Transmitter. Alexim and Lemaha meanwhile set up a proper Telomon colony there. Over the years, more and more settlers come to the new community of Enduhaim and Lemaha becomes pregnant. Ama Zurn succeeds in tapping the suns of the Gulver Duo and storing the energy, in order to feed it into the Mesoport net as soon as enough is stored to stabilize the net in this way for thousands of years. But the storage process will take years, because the energy must be fed in one shot into the net, and the storage batteries fill only slowly. During this time it comes again and again to disturbances or complete shutdowns of the net. In addition the Tad de Raud Allanas Dreen is still on the hunt for the Telomons. The Precog-princess of his ship actually succeeds in seeking out one of the Telomon villages because the camouflage devices of the Null-screen Combo are likewise weakened. Some Telomons lose their life with the attack, but Ama Zurn intervenes, holding the Tad de Raud in check while Alexim organizes the evacuation. In the process of pulling people from the Mesoport net at Enduhaim, Lemaha loses her child due to the radiation it gives off.

In the following years more villages fall victim to the disturbances of the net and the attacks of the Tad de Raud, but they always manage to be evacuated in time. Allanas Dreen is eventually executed for his failures and his second in command, Deville Kareem, is given command. Meanwhile, Lemaha gets pregnant again and has a son. As the energy stores are nearly ready, Ama Zurn receives the indicator signal from the sun transmitter of an impending arrival. He does not have any choice, but to follow his basic programming: He must make announced transport possible – however, the entire energy accumulated up to now must be purged and therefore lost. Trying to complete the tapping process in time and avoid the loss, he strengthens the tapping jets, so that the process is enormously accelerated. He does this knowing that it increases the probability of a detection possible, so he orders Enduhaim evacuated.

Once he raises the power, Deville Kareem’s fleet promptly appears. When the Combi-Trans squadron coincidently arrives in the sun transmitter at the same time, Ama Zurn becomes unconscious due to the hyperenergetic effects of the transmission’s wavefront. Alexim brings to safety at Ama Zurn (during which he is observed by Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder), an a little later the activation guard comes around again. He is more than surprised, when Alexim shows him a recording of the events in Enduhaim, because in it he sees not only one of the feared "Black Beasts", but also the activation guard Immentri Luz...

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