2385 - Im Mesoport-Netz
In the Mesoport Net
Horst Hoffmann

Up until 1331 NGE, the Orellana star cluster has belonged to the galaxy Sporteph-Algir. The Telomon race living in the so named discreet domains lead a contemplative life unnoticed by the Tad de Raud who continuously spread out conquering Orellana. The Telomons are small humanoids that have no advanced technology of their own. They use the technical legacies of the disappeared race of the Andury which are considered to be the forefathers of the Telomons. On many planets in Orellana there are Telomon villages, which are connected over the Mesoport net with each other. The Telomons cannot travel by themselves over this transmitter like transport system; they need to use their pack animals similar to bulls whom they call Kamhaloxs. Every Telomon can transmit the mental picture of their desired destination to a Kamhalox, and the animal then takes its owner to the appropriate Mesoport point, which surrounds the target village like a fog bank. Every village is protected by a so-call ‘knower’. These are autonomous computers that dispose of their own detection equipment (the Ear of the Andury and Eye of the Andury). The traders of the Telomon carry miniature copies of all these devices on themselves.

The existence of the Telomon villages is held strictly secret. The Telomons do not keep up relations with the other races of Orellana, but to occasional interact with them. Their villages are protected by the so-called null screen-Combo, a system of energy protection screens that holds other living beings at a distance and prevents detection, as well as providing optical protection for the villages. Should a village nevertheless be discovered, it is evacuated as fast as possible, and then the village knower destroys it completely, including itself. In 1329 NGE this threatens to occur, because Allanas-Dreen, a colonel of the Tad de Raud, has heard rumors about the existence of the Telomon and risks everything to hunt them down. Alexim Afateh, a traveling trader of the Telomons, becomes a witness of how Allanas-Dreen almost unmasks one of the villages. Two years later the Tad de Raud - like all the races of Orellana – have more pressing concerns, because the hyperimpedance-rise strikes. Extremely strong Hyperstorms lead to the fact that an enormous Tryortan gullet forms, which shifts the whole star cluster into another area of the cosmos: It materializes in the Gulver Duo, which has apparently worked as an attractor upon the star cluster.

Many villages of the Telomon no longer make contact after this event. Alexim gets the order to explore them. In the process he meets the love of his life, the willful Lemaha Eliyund, who he has already has secretly loved for a long time. Together the two travel from world to world and they note that the Mesoport net is beginning to dissolve out from the border of Orellana - should it fail entirely, it would be the end of the Telomons. When they learn of the existence of a double solar system which cannot be reached over the Mesoport net and which the Tad de Raud have declared a quarantined system because of the lethargy radiation, Alexim and Lemaha begin the search for Dynh Abhwelt, an old depot planet of the Andury. There is actually a city of the ancestral race which is guarded by robots. However, the two Telomons are not found as worthy to enter them. Nevertheless, they are given permission to go into a depot and they succeed in bringing a spaceship into their possession.

With this so-called Mesoport ferry Alexim and Lemaha travel to New Lemur. There, they establish a point of the Mesoport net and equip a new village. Its knower points out to them unknown energetic activities, which they track down. In this way, they discover a conserved activation guard. Because they hope for clus to the reasons for the failure of the Mesoport net from him, they attempt to take him to Dynh Abhwelt via the Mesoport point. At the same moment as they enter the Mesoport point the activation guard awakes...

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-10-13

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