2384 - Das Quarantäne-System
The Quarantine System
Michael Marcus Thurner

Owing to his success in his special deployment in the subjugation of the Sataien, the Tad de Raud Deville Kareem is promoted to Marshal and now commands seventy-eight Luster Drones, as the Tad de Rauds call their spaceships. In his honor he hosts a banquet for the officers of his squadron, which now carries his name. This is interrupted at its high point by a general alarm. In the proximity of the squadron is a double sun solar system, which is considered as a quarantined system, because a strange lethargy radiation emanates from it. The marshal immediately orders his fleet into the system, in which unusual hyperenergetic effects are raging. And in this way they become a witness, as the Combi-Trans squadron appears in the Gulver duo-sun transmitter. The martial Tad de Raud has already conquered the entire Orellana star cluster, except for the abandoned quarantine system.

Immediately after its emerging, the Tad de Raud instructs his fleet to attack the LFT ships but the attack accomplishes nothing. Their energy protection screens are charged to capacity only reach five percent capacity. Atlan, who immediately becomes conscious of the technical superiority of the Galactics, orders the two Haluter ships THARI and AHUR to fly a short maneuver and set off defensive fires, a shot before the nose of the Tad de Rauds. But Deville Kareem is little impressed, and demands the Galactics surrender. When they are likewise little impressed and simply turn to New Lemur, the Marshal shifts his fleet at first to the edge of system, in order to hold consultation with his superior, the Precog-princess Catonya, who is on his flagship.

Atlan finds the current situation unclear. Instead of a lonely system, as he had found when he had visited it in May 3460 AD, a whole star cluster now stands in the previously empty space. The visible light spreads over fourteen light-years, but the star cluster turns out to possess a diameter of over fifty light-years. It is an indication for the fact that the risen hyperimpedance plays a part in the events here. In addition, the system of the double sun is different than it was in May 3460 AD, being now without intelligent life in it. The now apparently orphaned adjustment planet New Lemur, however, is tapping UHF-energies from the sun Gulver through two of the three adjustment pyramids of the adjusting station. The Arkonide follows up this mystery first. Immentri Luz quickly determines that the energy tapping can be traced to one of his "colleagues". The puzzling thing about it is that if the tapping process continues as it is now, the storage batteries will overfill and blow up. After Atlan is accepted as authorized to command the station’s Positronic, as a Tamrat of the Lemurer, he has the android Immentri Luz stop the tapping process. Although he succeeds in doing this in time, he makes it clear to Atlan that it will take several weeks for him to set things up to continue the flight of the squadron through the Sun Transmitter. In addition, there is no sign of the android’s “colleague”.

Meanwhile Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder examine the abandoned cities on New Lemur. They discover the video recording of a deceased man, who recorded his last hours of life. It is to be seen that the emergence of the star cluster came along with an insanity producing radiation, which killed all life.

In the adjustment station, a research team makes a further discovery: With heat sensors they discovered three shapes, which were in the station a few minutes before the arrival of the Combi-Trans Squadron. Atlan sends search troops out to try to locate the three beings.

Meanwhile the Tad de Raud marshal Deville Deville-Kareem leads another raid into the system. His audience with the Precog-princess Catonya was not very successful; instead of giving him instructions, the female Tad de Raud who stands far above the marshal in the hierarchy and only under the Precog-empress, stayed silent. Deville Karrem understands this to mean that it is up to him to decide how to proceed. Therefore, he orders landing troops sent to New Lemur.

Atlan lets the Tad de Raud land, since he does not understand how Immentri Luz would react to aggression. The last time the android encountered it, he went into shock for thousands of years. Thus it comes to the fact that the Tad de Rauds land on New Lemur.

Startac Schroeder and Trim Marath eventually discover a strange section of forest, which prevents anyone from penetrating inside by means of a suggestive radiation. The two Mutants nevertheless penetrate into the forest after some trouble and appear in a strange village. There the three beings they are looking for appear to them, after they had gotten Atlan via teleportation: a small red-haired gnome, an ox-like animal and the searched for activation guard, who seems to be unconscious or dead. However, these three disappear behind a wall of UHF energy.

After Deville Kareem orders the landing, he is called urgently by the Precog-princess, who noticed the presence of a teleporter in the proximity with her senses. She makes it clear to him that she wants to get her hands on Startac Schroeder, the teleporter, no matter what.

Meanwhile, the three Galactics jump back to their base, in order to bring scientists to the location, which they discovered, but they never arrive at their base. Catonya reroutes the jump in some unknown manner and steers the three Galactics into the flagship of the Luster Drone Squadron. There the three people are paralyzed immediately. The Tad de Rauds disappear unhindered from the quarantined system after this action, since the Galactics did not yet notice that three of their high-level personnel, Atlan, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder were kidnapped.

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-10-08

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