2383 - Avatare ESCHERS
ESCHERíS Avatars
Michael Nagula

By request of NATHAN, the Avatars Pal Astuin and Merlin Myhr hunt on Luna for a family Koda Ariel. NATHAN says he needs the Avatarsí help because he cannot monitor the inside of peopleís private quarters on Luna. This restriction does not apply to ESCHERíS two Avatars. However, the Avatars explain to the Hyperin-potronic that Perry Rhodan would forbid this use of them! The Terran Resident has expressly prohibited activities of this kind, but NATHAN informs them that he will take full responsibility for it, and they agree to help.

NATHAN supplies a Cantor sextant and a small amount of Salkrit as bait for the spies. He diverts transmitter transports with these contents to the Lunar Aaron Quippo shipyard, where the training ship JULES VERNE is being refurbished, because he theorizes the band of Koda Ariel to be there.

Astuin and Myhr have a good look at some of the workers of the shipyard. They actually do discover three Koda Ariel Ė owl like birds. In their normal merciless manner, they destroy the accommodations in which the birds are staying, in order to give a severe shock to the form converter mentally connected with the birds. When they have identified him, they disintegrate the form converter, which ends up causing a spectacle and excited media interest.

Rhodan learns about this as he returns from Yorname. He is disturbed that NATHAN has once again taken action on his own authority and even disobeyed a strict prohibition against the use of ESCHERíS Avatars.

NATHAN justifies himself, by stating that he wanted to submit ESCHER to a test in this way. He did not inform Rhodan or the Terran League Service to prevent TRAITOR from being able to make conclusions about the way Terrans would react to his plan. Certainly, Rhodan remains skeptical, but he leaves NATHAN and ESCHER alone, as he is convinced that both are still on the side of the Terrans.

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