2382 - Der refaktive Sprung
The Refactive Jump
Uwe Anton

On January 29, 1346 NGE the atmosphere in the Source Clipper has converted itself into one of hydrogen and the evaporation process of the prisons of the former Seven Mighty is beginning to speed up. Meanwhile something is going on near the Dengejaa Uveso, the black hole in the center of the Milky Way that causes the Quantums of the Darkness to gather near its event horizon, and begin a wild circling dance. However, an unfortunate meeting happens on the clipper Ruumaytron; as Inaischon, a rebel Quantum had before penetrated into the clipper, now a TAITOR loyal Quantum comes. However, nothing untoward happens. The Terrans and the Ilt on the ship feel to their own surprise only rage, but no hatred. At the same time, however, a painful avarice and torture emanates from the clipper itself. As fast as the Quantum penetrated into the ship, so fast it also disappears again and rejoins the strange dance of the Quantums about the event horizon. How long it is to continue like this remains unclear, as does what will happen exactly during the Refactive Jump.

Because Perry Rhodan can do nothing else than observe all this, he proceeds once more to the dark heart of the living spaceship. And it willingly tells Rhodan its history:

The source clippers were built seventy-six million years ago by the Trophi-Terryc, a race of brilliant engineers. The clippers were conceived as powerful spaceships, which should have only one purpose in life; to unconditionally serve even more powerful beings. And that is what happened. For a period of millions of years they served powerful beings, in a time during which the battle between the higher powers raged to a terrible degree. Their builders repeatedly changed sides in the war, depending on which side paid them better. The clippers served the most varied owners; Knights and Protector orders, representatives of the Chronotrophian Domain, the Dakkar pioneers and a huge number of other powerful entities.

When they one day returned to the native lands of their builders, they found only a slag heap. It was probably destroyed by the higher powers, maybe because they had delivered too mighty weapons to someone in this everlasting struggle of the cosmic forces. At approximately this time the last owners also left the source clippers, and they then floated aimlessly around, driven by their internal compulsion to find someone to serve.

Then sixty-eight million years ago, the Quantums of the Darkness originated. In an attack of the Element of the Darkness on a Spore ship, a unique event occurred. Just as the Biophores tipped out their On-and Noon quantums, the Element manifested itself and an interaction occurred between the two, where quantums of the Darkness were nearly irreparably combined with On-and Noon quantums. From it originated the very powerful immortal creatures. While certainly insignificant in comparison to the Element of the Darkness itself, they were just as unapproachable. However, in spite of their immortality they were also punished with the unbelievable torture of having to continue existing in this universe, which they were not native to.

The source clippers knew nothing about it, but they were also suffering; the suffering of not being allowed to serve anyone. They even offered themselves directly to the Chaotarcs, but these showed no interest. As a result, full of desperation, some clippers tried to commit suicide, but failed due to the indoctrination by her creators. This lasted until fifty-two million years ago, when the mighty Chaos servant Twarion Uruc appeared and promised to help the clippers. He constructed the M'ZATIL, for whose protection the sixteenth ZENTAPHER was put down, in order to attract the Quantums of the Darkness and give one of the available Source-Clippers to each of them. In return the Quantums would work for the Chaos powers for a period of time. In payment for working for the Chaos powers, Uruc and his principal, the Chaotarch Xrayn, promised release one Quantum of the Darkness from the On- and Noon quantum after a certain time period. Thus did the Source Clippers and Quantums of the Srakness become the Dark Investigators.

After a million years Twarion Uruc gathered the one hundred thousand Dark Investigators at a black hole in order to carry out the Refactive Jump ritual. In this process a Quantum of the Darkness did appear to be "cured". Thus the Chaos powers secured themselves the services of the Investigators for the long term.

The report from the deepest past ends with this, and Ruumaytron then continues with more recent events. The Investigators were integrated into TRAITOR, and in the course of the Hangay campaign Ruumaytron was sent with his owner Bikschun to the Sol system to examine the corpse of ARCHETIM. When they made a close approach to the corpse, some unknown effect was triggered that irretrievably tore Bikshun from the ship and disappeared.

With this information Rhodan returns to the control room of the clipper. He reports to Gucky what he has found out and begins to wait for the appearance of Twarion Uruc.

The rebel Inaischon appears again, looking for an anchor to reality, in order to not forget his real mission and fall into the general ecstasy going on outside. From him, Perry Rhodan finds out what has caused the rebellion among the Quantums of the Darkness. They had discovered that the Refactive Jump does not actually produce the result that they thought it did, but that Uruc simply flings the Investigator into the black hole and another time and universe. They only learned this when of the Investigators finally managed to find his way back. Now, the small part of them who know about it have sworn revenge, and hope to have the surprise effect on their side as they try to destroy Twarion Uruc.

The rebels actually succeed in this, and the Chaos servant is destroyed by a n-dimensional impulse, but many of the rebels also lose their connection to this universe and are flung away.

Rhodan realizes that time is really running short now, because with the Refactive Jump ritual being over, the Investigators begin to return to their Source-Clippers and head towards Ruumaytron. However, having been accelerated by the n-dimensional impulse, the prisons of the former Seven Mighty have evaporated and Nuskoginus accepted as the new owner of the Source-Clipper The ship’s escape succeeds, but does not end as Rhodan had hoped for. The leader of the former Mightys informs the Terran Resident that he and his companions will be set down on the planet Yorname and then the Seven Mighty will take their new ship to get settled in this new time and universe. Rhodan is disappointed of course, but has no choice but to accept this. The former Mightys declare that they will one day fight beside the Terrans, but leave it open when this will occur.

With this knowledge Rhodan and his companions head towards the city they were landed near, in order to make contact with the LFT and get returned to the Earth.

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