2381 - Der Dunkle Ermittler
The Dark Investigator
Uwe Anton

Perry Rhodan and Gucky are aboard the Dark Investigator. This "living spaceship" with name Ruumaytron is also called a Source Clipper. The ship resists against the Terran and the Ilt, which becomes apparent by a strong psychological pressure and for the time being blocks Gucky from using his powers or even being of any help. Aquinas, the robot of the Seven Mighty, appears rather cooperative, as if he was dependent upon the help of the Terran and the Ilt.

In another area of the ship, the Seven Mighty and four scientists who managed to escape with them from the exploded SEOSAMH, rematerialize. The Ysalin Afagour imprisoning the Seven Mighty continues to evaporate bit by bit. The scientists find their way around the ship only with difficulty and during their investigation of the surrounding storage rooms, find an empty Necrophore.

It turns out that a Dark Investigator is a fragment or descendant of the Element of the Darkness, who serves as a pilot and bonds with the Source Clipper. Because Ruumaytron’s pilot has died, the Source Clipper yearns for a new commander and believes in having found such in the fallen Mightys, but they must first be freed from their prisons of Ysalin Afagour. Perry Rhodan is not accepted as a pilot, because his soul is too pure.

The Source Clipper flies to Dengejaa Uveso, the black hole in the center of the galaxy, where approximately one hundred thousand Dark Investigators and Source Clippers are flying around a gas giant. It comes to contact with a Quantum of the Darkness(Dark Investigator) by the name of Inaischon, and it betrays that a ritual by the name of a Refactive Jump is approaching, which is meant to conclude differently from normal this time. The Quantums of the Darkness want to betray the Chaotarcs, because they feel cheated by them. The Chaotarcs were supposed to free them from something and failed to do so. They therefore intend changing fronts. In conclusion, Inaischon tells Rhodan what happens in the ritual.

After Inaischon departs, Rhodan is informed that the head of Nuskoginus, the leader of the Seven Mighty has been freed from imprisonment by the evaporating Ysalin Afagour.

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-09-14

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