2380 - Es kam aus der Sonne
It Came Out Of The Sun
Horst Hoffmann

16th January 1346 NGE:

The young officer Taboko Jones is promoted to major and receives command of the SEOSAMH. There he very quickly discovers that his first proper command is fairly boring. When he enters the Hall of the Mightys some days later, he is almost overcome by the radiant emissions of the seven powerful beings, but manages to catch the feeling that something is not normal.

26th January 1346 NGE:

The special ship LUTRIKON XIII, which patrols with its sister ships near the sunís atmosphere, locates an initially unidentifiable object, which comes directly out of the sun. Some time later other ships have contact with it. Perry Rhodan is soon called and it turns out that it is a Dark Investigator. No emissions radiate from the "ship", as well as nothing else that could be measured by technical detectors. However, it can be caught without problem by tractor rays and is soon anchored on a PONTOON tender.

They try to approach the vessel, but are defeated by strange effects. Looking for council, Rhodan turns, together with Gucky, to the Seven Mighty. They give them Aquinas. The two immortals note that a certain "greed" emanates from the former Mightys and that they are not quite free with their information. But all previous attempts to approach the Investigator have failed, so they let this strangeness be.

Then the robot servant of the Mightys succeeds in approaching the Investigator and even in penetrating into it. Gucky and Rhodanstay close to him so that they are not left behind. The robot is not happy about this and speaks of adversities which will await the two of them if they continue to follow him. But now the three are in the ship of an Investigator who was apparently chosen to examine the corpse of ARCHETIM. But this seems to have led to his death and the ship alone survived.

It later shakes off its chain fields and heads directly for the ship of the Mighty s, only to moor itself to this. On the SEOSAMH the Mightys warn the LFT scientists to evacuate and this is begun. But four researchers stay behind in the Hall of the Mightys and observe how the indestructible Ysalin Afagour blocks trapping the Mightys begin to dissolve and then float into the air, only to one by one dematerialize and vanish in a blinding light. The four scientists look at this as the last possibility for escape, because in the meantime the whole ship begins to heat up. They each clinch to one of the four remaining blocks and are transmitted away somewhere.

At exactly 22:47:52 o'clock on the twenty-sixth of January the ship of the Mightys explodes. By this time, the hull temperature has raised to two hundred ninety-five thousand degrees Centigrade.

Some time later the Investigator's ship begins to accelerate and makes for the TERRANOVA Screen, inexorably heading towards destruction, but Homer G. Adams gives the order to open a structure gap as tightly as possible. While the Investigatorís ship goes through the gap, four Traitanks succeed in pushing ahead into the Sol system. They are destroyed by VITRA Cannons.

At this point the whereabouts of Rhodan, Gucky, Aquinas, the four scientists, the Seven Mightys and the Investigatorís ship are unknown to the LFT.

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-09-09

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