238 - Der Geleitzug ins Ungewisse
The Convoy Into Uncertainty
K.H. Scheer


The Khrest II gets back to Troja, where it is joined by the cruisers sent by Bell. Rhodan is looking for a discrete planet where the Terrans could build a base. He finds it in the Ha'lurin system, on the second planet -- Artis, an ice world. The Terrans build the base under the ice, but one of the cruisers is spotted by a Two-Noses squadron. The cruiser successfully evades the Two-Noses, making them think it actually came from Androalpha, the Maahks micro-nebula.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The increased activity of Twonoser (Two-noses) vessels prevents direct access to Troy. The USO flagship, IMPERATOR, leaves the asteroid to find a world that can serve as a base. It finds a sun that is named after the commander of the USO vessel, Heske Alurin. The surface of the first planet of the Alurin (Ha'lurin) System shows traces of atomic destruction and is named Destroy. On the second planet, the frozen world Arctis, hangars are created in to ice to welcome some Terran vessels.

While the base “Station Louvre” is installed on Arctis, the IMPERATOR tries to give the impression that the Maahks have arrived in the Andro-Beta nebula by diversionary maneuvers and attacks on Twonoser vessels.

Michael P. Mahoney

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