2378 - Der Erste Kybernetiker
The First Cybernetic
Christian Montillon

While Dr. Laurence Savoire has sunk again into deep unconsciousness, Perry Rhodan calls Gucky and Marc London. He also gives Noviel Residor the instruction to surround the ESCHER Building. Because to the Resident understands that time is pressing, he asks the treating doctor Wolia Tramur to give a stimulant to the manager of the ESCHER Project. The doctor obeys, but points out the dangers of this.

At just at this moment Gucky and London arrive. Rhodan informs the two of them of what Savoire has reported up to now. Marc London has an unfriendly reaction, not wanting to believe it, but the story appears true, and the young mutant must also unconsciously admit this to himself.

Dr. Savoire who has to noticeably fight with the Hypnoblock awakes and continues his report.

By April 25, 1345 NGE, the doctor has recognized what is going on around him. He announces the death of their chief to his co-workers and also wants to pass on his knowledge of the background. However, the post-hypnotic block prevents this. Only two hours later the news about his promotion arrives. Now he is the manager of the ESCHER Project, but it is completely running out of control, and nobody knows about it. And those who do know about it suffer from hypnoblocks. It prevents them from revealing the secrets to anyone else - but leaves you free in your own thoughts; Savoire makes the decision to use the Thought Chamber to penetrate deeper into the matter. What he experiences, gives him a new shock. In a bodiless state he sees the bodies of the dead people; they are in the matrix, somehow a part of ESCHER. Then he recognizes Merlin Myhr and Pal Astuin and is torn violently back into reality. This is the "genesis" that Fawn Suzuke had mysteriously hinted at.

At first Savoire is confused by what he has experienced, and especially the emerging of two former TLS agents surprises him. He visits the two in their office and actually finds them there. Then he returns to the Thought Chamber to go back into a cross chrysalis, but to his surprise nothing happens. Then the ESCHER Terminal awakens to life, and a voice announces itself. It is ESCHER. The Parapositronic has awoken to life, and it reports on the Hyperdim matrix in which the dead people now "live on". It informs the scientist that it must grow farther, and instead of living people in the cross cocoons, the "living" part of the Parapositronic should be filled out by the dead souls. Only he, Savoire, is not allowed to participate in it. He is to be the First Cybernetist whom the machine needs, to be able to grow. Savoire has few options, because if needed to, he can also be forced to do so, and he knows this.

At first the Parapositronic grows, while it accepts only fatally ill persons, until January 1346 NGE. Savoire has not given up his plan of resistance yet, but he does not have yet the power to leave ESCHER, but when the two agents who turn out to be avatars of ESCHER suddenly also bring younger people in, the Cyclops gets angry. He finds out that NATHAN is passing information to ESCHER - in the present case about the transmitter route to Hangay, which is apparently important for the Parapositronic; NATHAN is undercover with ESCHER. The scientist recognizes that the Positronik network is being further developed by ESCHER. From his friend Baldwin Carapol Savoire learns about the confused people who have emerged in the city and begun stammering „ ESCHER is dangerous “ to themselves. The scientist finds out from the avatars that these were accidents caused by a failure of the separation and transfer process of a Processor into the matrix.

Now due to the pressure of time under which ESCHER stands, the Parapositronic begins to also parapsychically attract healthy young people, and therefore, Savoire decides to swallow an overdose of the drug Arimal-3 to counteract the Hypnoblock and get to Perry Rhodan. He does this knowing that the drug may kill him, if he does not get to Rhodanin time.

The report ends with this for the moment, and Rhodan orders the preparations for the storming of the ESCHER Building. Gucky and London, who is still insecure with regard to the truth of the story, remain with the scientist to protect him against the possible arrival of ESCHER’S two avatars. And it turns out that the two really are already in the Solar Residence. When Rhodan happens to discover them on his way to lead the storming, he instructs LAOTSE to lock down the Solar Residence.

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-08-28

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