2375 - Dantyrens Jagd
Dantyrens Hunt
Hubert Haensel

Dantyren, who now stands fully on the side of the Chaos powers, is stationed in the Arkon system to supervise the cabinet formation processing of the system. It is a routine task for the Dual Captain. But the routine goes badly awry when the hyperdimensional fog barriers dissolve, and the transformation of the worlds does not take place. Dantyren, or the part that was formerly Roi Danton quickly realizes the truth: this disaster carries the handwriting of the Terrans. While the Mor'Daer part of the Dual still holds out for it being a coincidence and does not attach much importance to the matter, the hunting fever has awoken in the Danton half. He decides that this is much more than a typical commando mission of the Terrans, and that one of the immortals must be commanding it, possibly Reginald Bull or even his father Perry Rhodan himself. He very quickly discovers the inconsistencies with regard to the Strangeness "contaminated" TRAI-Servicer and takes up the track of the transmitters that were used in the commandosí flight. Their destination is Iprasa.

Meanwhile, Shallowain immediately takes over command when they arrive on Iprasa, and it is also bitterly necessary, because the Dual is already on their heels. It is only thanks to Shallowain, that they succeed in one narrow escape after the other. The Hound also succeeds in catching sight of Dantyren, to the Kralasenen becomes clear that their flight is in deep trouble, if the Terran is after them. Nevertheless they continue to stay ahead of the Dual.

While this is going on, Reginald Bull returns to Prebonís Star where he comes upon a fleet of twenty thousand Arkon ships that Imperator Bostich I has pulled together in a hurry. The Imperator demands the data about the structure-burner wonder weapon, but Bully quickly explains to him that this was only a Pyrrhic victory, as neither was the TRAITOR operation fleet destroyed nor even particularly strongly hindered; the Carapol-structure burner has accomplished only one thing: the gaining of time.

This time is also bitterly necessary because Dantyren begins the second attempt at transformation, using the dark markers which were actually intended, for the second transformation wave with Iprasa, Naat and Bhedan. Because, however, the Dark Obelisk will be energetically exhausted afterwards, no other disturbance of the process of transformation may be allowed to take place.

Meanwhile Shallowain and his companions who are, in his opinion - now that the structure burner seems a failure - actually a burden for him and which he wants to silence to be on the safe side, succeed in making a transmitter jump to Arkon I. There the Kralasene separates in secret from his companions and attempts to kill them by trapping them in a building with an overloading reactor, but the Terrans manage to escape. They follow Shallowain, who proceeds to the Shulukai space port.

During this assassination attempt, the fog barriers begin to appear again. Bully convinces Bostich that with the support of the Arkonides the five DISCOVERERS, as well as the LEIF ERIKSSON II can again prevent a transformation. Aboard each LFT ship is a structure burner coming from the twelve stored aboard the swift PONTOON tender NARWAL.

So the fleet approaches the home system of the Arkonides, and the Arkonides distract the Column, while the LFT ships activate their structure burners. After a two-minute application time, using the calibration data sent by the commando team, the mission is done, the spaceships withdraw, and the process is stopped again, now for a longer period on account of the fact that the energy reserves of the Dark Obelisk are exhausted.

Dayntyren, who had now been on board an INTERDIM-Multi-Darter, abruptly breaks off his hunt. Certainly, he is close to getting his hands on the Terrans, but recognizes the uselessness of this with the successful application of the structure burner and breaks off the pursuit.

Dantyren admits his failure to the True Progress, Antakur von Bitvelt, and even recommends giving up the Milky Way as a resource galaxy on account of the rising resistance, but the True Progress rejects this. There are always rebounds, but it makes no difference to the Terminal Column, when Terra, Arkon or Olymp are converted, whether in ten, twenty, or even fifty years; this is short time when considered in the time scales the Column leadership is used to thinking in. And he does not blame Dantyren for the temporary failure of the transformation. The Dual thereupon asks for two families of Koda Ariel, with which he wants to go on the hunt and hit the Terrans with their own means.

Bully is glad about the success of the structure burners, and he hopes they will soon be able to be used in remote controlled space torpedoes, in order to free up people and equipment.

Having lost Dantyren, Shallowain and the Terran commandos, who have made a truce, decide to proceed deep underground on Arkon I.

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