2374 - Der Trojaner
The Trojan
Hubert Haensel

Ashtai is an Arkonide detection technician, who does his service on the Crystal World. With his colleagues he is one of the few people that still work on the Shulukai spaceport, because since the announcing of the TRAITOR Directive the Arkon system his sunken into a torpid state. And new trouble continues to announce itself, as the ever more numerous Traitanks, altogether thirty-five Chaos squadrons, as well as TRAICAH- and TRAIGOT Factories, altogether an entire operation fleet, collect themselves in the system. It seems clear that the world is threatened by the same fate as Drorah and Hayok.

On November 26, 1345 NGE Reginald Bullís small fleet arrives in the insignificant system of Prebonís Star, which lies in M-13, but is still seven hundred ninety-four light-years from Arkon. There the fleet is to meet with the PONTOON tender NARWAL, which has new, valuable devices on board, coming directly from the Sol system Ė including the Carapol structure burner. This is to be used to prevent a successful job being done by Column Factories and MACHINES. The team working with Dr. Baldwin Carapol, supported by clues from the Seven Mighty of Eud'y Asor Jaroso, and the knowledge gained from Hayok, have manufactured a prototype in all hurry. The heart of it is a Kantor sextant with further equipment which is based on the utilization of Salkrit.

Bostich I is naturally on the spot very quickly, when he is informed by the administrator of Prebonís Star of the presence of Bully. Bull gives him several cold rebuffs, where it concerns the shadow screen and the structure burner. The Imperator understands that he is holding the worse cards, even if only with a crunching of the teeth.

The captured TRAI Servicer is meanwhile prepared for use, so that some technicians and Strangeness Scouts can use it as a Trojan horse with a fictitious emergency call in the Arkon system.

The NARWAL appears early and yet just in time, because the message comes a little later from Arkon that small dark obelisks are spreading out. The end is near for the once most powerful system of the Milky Way.

The LEIF ERIKSSON II flies in the direction of Arkon and ejects the TRAI Servicer a few light-years away from it. A Traitank finally appears and takes the heavily damaged ship, which now contains twelve people - including Shallowain the Hound. It brings the troop, which was dragged along with the TRAI Servicer into a TRAICAH Factory by Iprasa, the sixth world of the Arkon system.

The Trojan, as they call the wreck, is set down in a spacious hangar. The team checks out the area.

On Arkon meanwhile the "dimensional fog" expands and marks off the perimeters of the future cabinets.

The TRAI Servicer is examined by some Ganschkares, but the investigation is broken off due to the continued Strangeness effects. Afterwards the commandos come out from their hiding place and begin with the calibration of the structure burner and setting up the escape cage transmitter. Once this is down, the structure burner is fully activated and begins its work. Once the job is done, the commandos collect their information from the structure burner and make good their escape to Iprasa. They also set off disintegrator bombs to hide their work. Unfortunately, one of the team dies during the escape, shot by MoríDears.

On Arkon I the fog dissolves, the sky appears again, and the Arkon system is saved for the time being.

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