2373 - Paros-Attacken
Paros Attacks
Arndt Ellmer

Bully is flying with the LEIF ERIKSSON II and five more ships in the Jamondi star ocean. Running Operation Sisyphos, they are on the search for TRAITOR wrecks. It is believed that with so much of TRAITOR coming from other universes, there should have been a fair percentage of accidents in the transport process. They are distracted by an emergency call, and they save an LFT-fleet, which had been damaged and was under pursuit by two Traitanks. The new Paros shadow screens function perfectly. After this, they also save the Faladur manufacturing fleet (see issue 2372).

By means of several sensor drones, which roam across the galaxy fully automatically, the Sisyphos fleet strikes it rich. They locate an enormous fleet of Column wrecks, which was apparently involved in a battle in another universe that did not necessarily end in its favor and then fled into the standard universe.

The Strangeness Scouts, who had already satisfactorily worked in small scale in the Sol system, with the mission on the SEOSAMH, had been distributed among the fleets, which are roaming the galaxy with Operaton Sisyphos. They penetrate a TRAI Servicer among the wrecks in order to take control of it.

Bully’s fleet diverts the Traitanks, which arrive in large number, in order to secure the heavily damaged fleet. After five lightning attacks by the shadow ships, the Traitanks begin to hit them, but the TRAI Servicer is already being towed away and the shadow ships disappear. The analysis is made that that the shadow screen functions, but is no all-powerful defensive weapon. As the fleet reaches safety, the Secretary of Defense of the LFT receives the message that Crisis Case Echodim has occurred. Immediately and without hesitation he sets his fleet in march towards M-13, not for the benefit of the Imperator, but for Arkon.

jerry schneiderman 2007-07-16

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