2372 - Plan der Phantome
Plan of the Phantoms
Christian Montillon

November 2, 1345 NGE: the Swoon Kopty Pekking has just been promoted to the second highest position of the Swoons in the Faladur manufacturing fleet. But along with this success he has problems with his two sons who do not care much for tradition. The manufacturing fleet consists of six cylinder ships on which the Springers and Swoon have come to a kind of symbiosis. The Swoon develop hypertechnology, and the Springers sell it. This has brought both groups a certain prosperity. However, this was almost destroyed by the hyperimpedance rise. But the Swoons have made good progress in the area of hypertechnology, but they cannot be turned into money in the Errico system of the Hagu where their base camp is. Therefore, the fleet wants launch, but before they are able to, a Traitank appears and annexes the system. The Faladur fleet is demanded to deliver their technologies in the Traitank. Some time later a hyperradio message reaches the fleet from Reginald Bull. The Secretary of Defense of the LFT warns about a Traitank and warns them to leave the system. Unfortunately, it is too late.

Now Pekking learns what his sons have been doing with their free time. Siru and Wirgal Pekking, who were trained by the Hagu in their time honored art of thievery, want to smuggle themselves aboard the Traitank with the containers which contain the goods that were demanded. Their father sees through the plan and follows them, in order to dissuade them from it, but so he ends up in the middle of the whirlpool of events and thus on the Traitank. There the Swoons quickly find out that it is in fact a con job being run by Terran pirates. They mange to escape the fake Traitank and warn the authorities about the pirates. The ship and its crew are then captured.

Shortly after this, a renewed warning from Bull reaches the system. The fleet flees in the early morning hours of November fourth, but it does not reach the system borders in time. A real Traitank and six TRAI-Servicers materialize in the system and stop the small fleet. The Traitank demands their surrender and a technology delivery, but does not have time to complete it. Cloaked ships suddenly appear and the Traitank faces off against them. Potential throwers form a barrier against eth firing shadow ships, but the barrage does not succeed in stopping them and they destroy the Traitank, sending the TRAI-Servicers running.

As the shadow ships disappear again, a radio message reaches the Faladur fleet, containing coordinates which show the way to a rendezvous point. There, they will be escorted to safety in the Charon Cloud. The message is from Reginald Bull, who they assume must have been in one of the shadow ships.


Bostich I. gets bad news. The Column MACHINES which have disassembled Hayok into cabinets, are leaving the star cluster, likely aimed for the Arkon system. With it, the Imperator sends a message to his ally, declaring Crisis Case Echodimů

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