2371 - Der Sternenfindling
The Star Orphan
Horst Hoffmann

Immentri Luz awakes in his survival capsule, woken up by shock effects, for which he does not have an explanation. Except for his name, he does not have any memories. His capsule wobbles through the rubble field of the former planet Erontis. By means of suggestive abilities he lures the Raphane prospector ship TORMENT to him and befriends the crew - first by means of suggestive influence, and then for real later on. It is somehow clear that he is important, but he remembers nothing and does not dare to peek out of the shell, into which he goes, when he decides not to be interested in the events going on in the Nagigal system, but focus with blinders on the business of the solitary prospectors. They mine the asteroid fields for hypercrystals, a lucrative business.

On December 27, 1345 NGE Atlan holds a short conference in the adjustment station on Arkan-Raphan, but there is nothing really new happening. The Raphanes do not know, why the other sun transmitters cannot to be selected and the Terran and Halutian scientists are making no progress. Nothing is happening either with the Spectral technology, as the unknown technology in and under the pyramids was baptized. It is only determined that most of the aggregates are in standby mode. Only the planned transport of the planet Kharmuu, as well as further supplies of all kinds of materials and equipment coming through the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron constitutes real progress.

On December 31, 1345 NGE, Cornor Lerz announces that the preparations for Kharmuu’s transport are almost complete. All that is missing is Atlan, who as the high-ranking authorized official, is the only one that may activate the instruction for the transport of an entire planet. Therefore, the Arkonide returns to the Kharag Steel world.

Immentri Luz digs into the mining operation. Due to his sensitivity for feeling the presence of hypercrystals he is worth gold, but slowly overexerts himself, trying to ignore feelings of dread about his past. During one excursion he goes too far and appears to die, but his perforated corpse returns to life and begins to repair itself. It is thereby determined that Luz is actually an android.

In Omega Centauri, during Kharmuu’s preparation for transport, it is discovered that the Lemurers had already made plans for such an operation. Artificial suns are discovered, stored on Khar I, and ninety of them are activated to keep the planet from freezing during its transport. The PEW sphere of Day Drazin is also ripped out of its mountain and transported to Khar I. Then the planet goes via Situation transmitter into the Sun Dodecahedron, where on January 1, 1346 NGE, at exactly 7 o'clock in the morning the final passage takes place.

On the TORMENT Luz’z situation is discussed, and it becomes clear that Luz is something special and may not run away from it anymore. Luz recognizes this also now, after it becomes clear that he has had and continues to have a violent reaction to the transmitter passages. Thus he catches up in the shortest time with the story of the Combi-Trans squadron and recognizes the good in the Galactics. But he still knows nothing about his own past. This changes suddenly, when the Sun transmitter activates again. Hyperenergies of undreamt of power shake the system and threaten to tear it into hyperspace, but the space-time structure stabilizes at the last second. Then Kharmuu appears in the middle of the sun transmitter, and in the shock, which Immentri Luz suffers due to the gigantic structural vibrations, he receives a peek into his past.

50,000 years in the past

Immentri Luz is an Activation Guard and in the Nagigal system on behalf of the Sphero. He is a neutral observer and must watch as Lemurer begin to fight against Lemurer: The inhabitants of Erontis lead a war of extermination with the inhabitants of Sepdelen. How the whole thing began, is unclear, but when the two worlds are destroyed, it becomes clear to the Activation Guard that this Lemurian fratricidal war may not be allowed to be carried into the galaxies, therefore he shuts down the Nagigal Sun Transmitter to outgoing transport. The Lemurers then attack his ship. He goes into a survival capsule and his thinking processes terminate for a long time, until he is awakened back to life by the transmitter passages of the Combi-Trans squadron.

Back to the present

Now it is clear, what he has to do. He goes to Arkan-Raphan and ends up meeteing Atlan. The two exchange histories, and Luz activates the machines set up by the Sphero, the people, who had sent him there, and about whom he remembers nothing more. After some minutes of uncertainty the Gulver duo shows that it is ready to receive transports. Atlan wants to leave as soon as possible, and Immentri Luz decides to come along, because he wants to learn more about his past.

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